Soli the New Visionary Project by Google

“Soli” is the name of the new visionary project from Google ATA. It stretches the limits of new technologies and connected objects through a sensitive captor reacting to hand movements. User can, for example, change the hour of his watch or put up and down the volume of his musique, without touching his objects.

To make such magic possible, the Soli Project is a radar, neither more nor less more, compact enough to be integrated into a smartwatch for example. It will capture every movement in real time. Fist, cross your fingers, move the arm, so many variations that affect the received signal.

And to take advantage of movements in an application or any service, Google ATAP will offer APIs directly connected to the brain of Soli impressive project, which is obviously capable of learning by itself. Rather than do without hands, Soli Project would make a better use of hands – and it could be much better than any commanding voice -. To be continued!