Advertise is a web magazine dedicated to curating high quality content from around the web – covering topics from design in general to everything related to creativeness.

Apart from that Layerbag is one of the fastest growing WordPress resource website which covers useful publications on Themes, Plugins, Tutorials, resources and product reviews. Recently, we have decided to offer a range of advertising options for our partners who are looking to work with us and promote their products or services with our growing readers base.

As of now, Layerbag is offering the following advertising and promotional services:

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews will cover a detailed review (2000+ words) about your product or service by our editorial team. The sponsored reviews are completely unbiased in nature covering both positives and negatives aspects of your product.

The editorial post will be followed by extensive promotions over our social media channels.

Free Product – $250
Freemium or Premium Product – $350


List in Collections (Themes & Plugins)

We know there are a lot of useful and feature-rich WordPress themes around, and almost all of them deserves an objective mention. Though our team takes a lot of effort to include all the themes, it is practically not possible for our team to include all the themes in our lists with new launches every day.

If you have launched a new theme or plugin, you can intimate us to include your theme or plugin in our already published collections at a very reasonable price. We offer both random inclusions as well as featured inclusions.

Price – $50 (Random Position)
Price – $150 (Under Top3 Position)


Monthly Sponsorship

What you will get in monthly sponsorship:

  1. Banner ad of 300x250px
  2. Any 5 Tweets of your choice
  3. 1 sponsored review article about your service/plugin/theme

Price – $299


Banner Ads

We also provide options to promote your product in the form of site-wide banner advertisements in our sidebar and will be visible on all posts. We can even offer you sticky banners to provide maximum impressions for your ad slots.

Price (300x250px) – Varies


Product Launch News

Want us to send a word to our readers about your upcoming or newly launched product? We can publish a quick short news story about your launch event or upcoming product details.

Price – $50

We can provide you with a wide area of advertising solutions and will try our best to meet your needs.

LayerBag attracts visitors from all corners of the world, with the US and most of Europe making up most of the percentage of our visitors. Most of our visitors are web and design enthusiasts who come to Layerbag to find either the latest news, tips, tricks or just some inspiration.

Advertising Banners

We offer many advertising banners and related advertising services. We offer many different sizes and usually sell them in 30 day chunks.
We can help you design banner ads, completely free of charge, so that they fit in well with the rest of the design of the site.

Sponsored Posts

We can do a whole post dedicated to your company, whether it be for a product or service. This will go straight into the post feed of the site and will also go out to our Twitter followers, Facebook fans and RSS readers. The post can include up to 10 links back to your site and can include company logos and images.

You can sponsor past or upcoming posts we do. This will include having a brief description of you/your company with two links back to your website at the bottom of the post. You’ll also get links back to your Twitter and Facebook profiles. This is fixed cost of $100.
For example: This post was sponsored by [COMPANY AND DESCRIPTION – INCLUDING TWO SEO LINKS]. Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


We sell keywords in our posts. If you purchase multiple keywords at once you are entitled to a discount.

Note: These keywords can only be words which are already part of the post, this costs $65 PER WORD. To add a new sentence including your keyword will cost $65 extra, totalling $130.

All keywords will stay for the lifetime of the site.

Product Reviews

We can do product reviews completely free of charge. We take pride in publishing minimal photo-centric reviews which are concise and to the point.
Note: We cannot cover the costs for sending a product back.


Contact us, if you are interested in any of these advertising campaigns – email. You may receive a reply from us quickly.

Note: Payments only accepted through PayPal. No advertisements will be displayed until payment has been made.

Advertisements and sponsors will clearly have an “Advertisement” or “Sponsored by” label.

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