20+ Best WordPress Quiz Plugins in 2018

To make your blog or business successful you have to consider two factors, first getting a high traffic and second a great user engagement. As a site owner our primary focus should be to learn the ins and outs of creating really great content to attract readers. Once they are on the page find something to make them stay on our page longer. That way we could optimize our conversion rates. You can apply different kind of tricks to achieve user engagement without the hassle.

One of these future proof user engagement technique is to create your own quiz on your post page or business landing page. A great quizz will attract readers but also convert them into recurring visitors. by keeping user retention high you can make sure they could come across your services too. If they have the chance to take a look at your services, the chances they opt-in for your service or product increase too. Keeping that idea in mind we decided to make a list of WordPress plugins for creating quizzes on your website without the hassle.

The best advantage of WordPress plugin is the ease of use without having coding skills. You don’t need to spend a lot of time before testing out an idea, plus most of premium quiz WordPress plugins comes with top-notch support. If you don’t want to waste your precious time you may consider using a WordPress Plugin for your quiz.

I have come up with a list of over 20 best WordPress quiz plugins to create all type of quizzes, polls, forms, surveys on your blog. You will find free and premium WordPress quiz plugins in this post so the choice is up to you.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

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1. WP Quiz Pro (Premium)

WP Quiz Pro MyThemeShop

Download Link

WP Quiz Pro is the smartest and quickest solution to create and display an efficient quiz on your website fast. With that WordPress quiz plugin you can create trivia quizzes, Facebook, personality, flip card and swiper quizzes. You can randomize questions and also add as many questions you want. You can display quizzes among different pages or posts or display them all on the same page.

The built-in custom shortcode will be useful in displaying the quizzes anywhere you want. If you don’t have the time to configure the basic settings and add some introductory content, the one-click demo importer feature will be very useful for you. The plugin also comes with all the necessary social sharing options. The fully responsive quizzes will work correctly on any screen resolution.


2. Viral Press (Premium)

Viral Press WordPress Plugin

Download Link

This WordPress quiz plugin specialized in viral content quizzes. ViralPress will help you create polls, image galleries, video, audio, playlists, quizzes and other kind of viral content. Your visitors can submit and manage their content with the help of a front-end editor. The plugin supports Facebook commenting, Google and Facebook login and other social sharing options.

With ViralPress you will be able to create fun fact quizz, MCQ, personality test, trivia and counting. You can also force users to take the quiz before even seeing a result. The plugin allows you to embed social media content and is compatible with membership plugins such as myCRED or BuddyPress.


3.  Wp-Pro-Quiz


Download Link

This WordPress quiz plugin is, simple, nice and powerful at the same time. It has more than 20,000 active installs and is very popular on WordPress platform. It comes paced with all kind of features you will need. WP-Pro-Quiz is a good free alternative to create a simple quiz on your site. The design is minimal and the focus is on functionality rather than looks.


4. Quiz Cat


Download Link

Quiz Cat is another WordPress plugin with ease of use. With that plugin you will be able to create engaging quizzes and stand out from the crowd. You can create personality quizzes or tests, with social share buttons built-in, analytics and connectivity to MailChimp, Aweber and other email marketing apps for lead generation.


5. WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Wordpress Viral Quiz

Download Link

Viral Quiz WordPress plugin is one of me best of the list because it will help you create quizzes like Buzzfeed ones. So if you are creating viral content and wanting to create unique kinds of viral quizzes this plugin is the perfect match. This plugin is easy to use, well documented and customizable. You can also capture emails and generate leads right away. This one is one of the best choices and is top rated with an average of 4.77/5 stars.


6. Quiz and Survey Master


Download Link

Another simple quiz WordPress plugin with over 10,000 active installs, you can add unlimited surveys or quizzes. This plugin comes in two versions: free and premium. if you don’t want to spend money on it you can still try the free version and expand features with the premium version later.


7. Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form by OpinionStage


Download Link

If you want to create polls, quizzes, forms or surveys you can use this great WordPress hosted plugin. OpinionStage comes with 3 formats: free, hosted or premium. The free plan is lifetime free but with very limited features, so you might need to upgrade to the premium version. With the premium version you will have access to advanced reporting and customization.


8. WordPress Quiz

Wordpress Quiz Plugin

Download Link

Most of the time premium WordPress plugins are not considered as the right investment. But what comes with the price tag is a bunch of awesome features to choose from. Most free plugins doesn’t even compete with premium ones. WordPress Quiz as the bes features of the market. Tis premium quiz plugin comes with six months support for 20$.


9. SlickQuiz

Slick Quiz Plugin

Download Link

With SlickQuiz WordPress plugin you will be able to create dynamic quizzes with the help of SlickQuizz jQuery plugin. One interesting feature of the plugin is the ability to share scores on social media to gain targeted audience. as it comes as free it can be useful for someone who just need basic features.

10. Riddle


Download Link

In mere minutes you will have the ability to create viral surveys, polls with this plugin. Riddle  is bloggers best friend. The quizz creation is simple and keep away all kind of hassle. With the help of some engaging and attracting features it is a must try quizz plugin for you WordPress site.

11. Guesson WP

Guesson WP Plugin

Download Link

GuessOn is a popular solution for creating and displaying quizzes, polls, trivia, and other types of advanced content to increase engagement on your WordPress site. When used correctly, these content will make the visitors spend more time on your site and help you get more social shares. The built-in custom widgets will be very useful in showing the interactive contents on the sidebar or other widgetized locations.

The powerful settings panel includes all the options you need to configure the plugin options and to ensure the best user experience. As this quiz WordPress plugin works perfectly with BuddyPress, you can use it to publish quizzes and other engaging content on your membership site as well.


12. mTouch Quiz

mTouch WordPress Quiz Plugin

Download Link

Versatility and usage on the touch screen are two main points on which this plugin was developed and designed. mTouch Quiz helps you quickly add a quiz to your web page. This WordPress quiz plugin will completely suit the ones who wish to have a simple layout without over appealing designs. Keeping things simple also helps your visitors understand everything quickly, which is paramount than any other aspect.


13. Watu

Watu Quiz Plugin

Download Link

Using this WordPress quiz plugin, you can create a list of questions which can have no limits. And once the users are done with the questions posed by you, they can decide their position or knowledge via the grades provided after the quiz is completed successfully. Watu is also touch or mobile friendly, which is a plus point added up to its regular features.


14. ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream Quiz Builder

Download Link

ARI Stream Quiz plugin helps to create trivia and personality quizzes in Buzzfeed style even in free version. It is charged with all necessary features to make viral quizzes. Intergation with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, VK), email marketing services (ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, Zapier), lead forms, force to share option. Responsive design, saves results and collects detailed statistics for each quiz, theme supports, can show several personalities for personality tests and a lot of other features.


15. FSQM Pro


Download Link

As the name indicates, this WordPress plugin for online quiz is not available for free. If you wish to enjoy the great features offered by FSQM, you need to buy the pro version, which costs around $35. It is a pack including almost every small and big tools, creating options that you might be looking for. FSQM Pro is an advanced form building and managing solution.


16. WordPress Simple Survey

WordPress Simple Survey

Download Link

The best thing about this WordPress quiz plugin is that it fits comfortably on the screen of any size, making your creation look beautiful every time in use. The loading time of the survey or quiz created through this plugin is almost negligible. Like any other plugin, you can find the paid version of WordPress Simple Survey too, which apparently contains additional advantageous features. So, to enjoy the extra features, you can buy the premium version.


17. Easy Quiz

Easy Quiz Plugin

Download Link

This quiz plugin has nothing to do with your database. It is purely developed for your visitor’s entertainment. We can relate this with the BBC Weekly Quizzes. So, if you are looking for something that entertains your readers for a considerable span of time, then opting for this plugin is a good idea. In this way, you can both entertain and increase user engagement on your website.


18. Chained Quiz


Download Link

Interesting! This WordPress Quiz Plugin has something absorbing in it. This interesting thing about the plugin is that it creates a quiz where the present question is dependent on the previous question. That’s the reason behind its name “Chained Quiz“. Keeping your users engaged with the things available on your site is an art. And I guess, the developers of this plugin have correctly understood this point.



Like we said previously, making a quiz on your site or blog is  good and  advanced technique used by marketers and bloggers to keep a great engagement of their readers. And this technique increases page views and traffic on your site. If you do this correctly, having a quiz on your blog will benefit you in many ways increasing your conversions and decreasing your bounce rate. This is the kind of results everyone is search and working on nowadays.

Hoping that you will be able to create attractive and efficient quizzes on your website and keep your visitors hooked on your content. Here are finally our top picks of this post in the premium category.

Our top picks:

If you have liked this list of WordPress Quiz plugins don’t forget to share and comment below. Don’t hesitate to give us suggestions or recommend us some other plugins we may have forgotten.

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