Why The Best Ecommerce Platform Must Be Social Media Friendly?

A company might have its own social media pages to advertise the products or services it offers. These social media platforms receive a massive amount of visitors in a single day. The traffic generated by these platforms is an ideal way for companies to increase their reach and advertise to a wider audience. Sometimes, your social media page might receive more traffic than your online store. These days, you can just as easily use a social media handle to sell the same products that are sold on your online store.

Ecommerce platforms with social media integration will allow an online business to sell products on their social media pages. Instead of having to go to your online store, your customers will be able to buy a product straight from your social media handle. This will make it easier for the business to convert their traffic into sales while giving the customers a more convenient shopping experience. It’s a win-win situation!

What Are The Options?

An ecommerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce will let you easily integrate an online store with your company’s social media handle. The social media websites also come with certain ecommerce features that will enable a business to sell on it.

Here’s a list of popular social media websites and the best ecommerce platform that you can use for social media integration:

Facebook: This social media website is famous for data collection and targeted marketing features. These features will enable a business to reach out to the customers who are most likely to buy their products. It will also let you add product information, manage orders, and carry out payment transactions with ease.

Facebook has a Buy Button which will redirect customers to your online store for completing the purchase. This feature gives your customers a seamless and comfortable shopping experience. The best ecommerce platform for Facebook integration are WooCommerce and Shopify.

WooCommerce has a ‘Facebook for WooCommerce’ extension that provides a collection of features for social media integration. The Ad Extension feature allows you, as a retailer, to track the users on Facebook after they visit your ecommerce website. WooCommerce will display ads to Facebook users based on the products they viewed on your online store. The changes in inventory and product information will be simultaneously updated on the Facebook page.

Shopify will let you add products to Facebook with a single click and all the product details and images will get added simultaneously. Shopify lets customers browse products and make purchases directly on Facebook because it can integrate with the Facebook Shop Section. Shopify will automatically update any changes in inventory and product information to the Facebook page.

The Facebook integration channel offered by Shopify

Instagram: This image-based site can be used to prepare social media posts for highlighting a specific product. A Shop Now button can be added with these posts so Instagram users can conveniently make the purchase. It also allows you to post short video clips with the ‘Stories’ feature. You can also directly upload product videos on your Instagram account.

Shopify extensions will allow Instagram users to shop directly from a post. With Shopify, you can tag an Instagram post with items from your online store. When a user clicks these images, these tags will redirect them to the respective product page on the online store. This feature gives the customers an effortless transition to the online store where they can complete the purchase.

The ‘WooCommerce Instagram’ extension is another option for integrating Instagram with an online store.

Pinterest: The Buyable Pins feature of Pinterest allows you to pin the products on your online store. This will allow customers to make purchases through Pinterest. The business can use the Pinterest Channel Dashboard to track the number of pins and orders.

You can use Shopify to pin the product images on a Pinterest account. These will let the customer buy a product without leaving the Pinterest page. These orders can be tracked conveniently by using the Shopify Admin Panel.

Premmerce is a WooCommerce plugin that can also be used to integrate Pinterest with an online store.

Social media is the best place for you to reach your audience. You can interact with them and easily convert your audience, increasing your sales. Both Shopify and WooCommerce have good social media integrations. Choose the best ecommerce platform that provides easy social media integration, so you can start selling your products directly on a social media page.