What to Wear on a Date: a Guide for Men

It is no matter what date it is: first, third, or tenth; a man should look nice so that this event doesn’t become the last. After all, men often don’t want to change the convenience and practicality for fashion trends. Therefore, for some men, the selection of clothes for a date becomes problematic. However, a date is a great opportunity to get to know each other in an informal situation. How else can you find a wife? And if you fall in love with a girl, nothing should be an obstacle to your relationship. A properly chosen outfit plus accessories in a balance with well-wishing manners is a sure way to the heart of your chosen one. Therefore, the choice of clothing for this event should be taken seriously. And here the rules you have to follow:

Feel comfortable

A date is often quite exciting, and it is not always easy to predict its future, controlling your emotional state and mood of your companion. It may be boring or unexpectedly fun, interesting, and original, but for it to go well, it is very important to feel confident. And clothing sometimes plays a paramount role in this. Therefore, try to choose clothes that don’t cause inconvenience: nothing should be too tight, transparent, wide, and so on. Natural materials are preferable to synthetics, and you shouldn’t warm yourself to such an extent that you sweat a lot and blush.

Adapt clothing to a date

The choice of clothes from the wardrobe for a date depends directly on its location. It includes a huge amount of options. And here are just some of them:

A date is not just a restaurant with a glass of expensive red wine in hand. You can invite a girl to go rollerblading or skating. All of these options involve spending time actively. You can, of course, feel free to take a soft blanket and a basket of food and sit in the shade of the trees. And yet, first of all, deciding how to dress, focus on convenience. Choose sports style, but it has to be fashionable (not the clothes you wear at home).

For going to the cinema, walking in the park or along the embankment, you need to wear something casual. As an option, you can choose sneakers, jeans, and a shirt or a sweater.

If a date is in a bar, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie. But if you decide to have a date in a more elegant place, for example, in an expensive restaurant, jeans, sports shoes, and oversized shirts are inappropriate. In order not to be trapped when the clothes don’t match the place, try to predict these unforeseen difficulties. Your wardrobe should be diverse enough to allow you to vary different styles, deviating from the usual casual style with jeans, t-shirts, jackets to casual-chic when a beautiful T-shirt can be worn instead of an ordinary shirt and elegant shoes – instead of sneakers.

No logos

Logos that bind you to a certain brand are a bad form, especially on the first date. You need to make an impression with your personality and not with cash or belonging to the rank of adherents of this or that fashion house. Even if your clothes are from a designer brand, before you go outside, look carefully at yourself whether you don’t have a recognizable label in a visible place. Remember that it is good to show logos if you have an advertising contract with a fashion house, whereas in other cases, you shouldn’t demonstrate it.


Another most important point for a man is a wristwatch. Women just adore such things on men. Therefore, in order to make an impression on a girl, a brand good watch is still worth putting on. But it is better to wear a solid Swiss mechanical watch than an electronic one. In addition to watches, you can buy cufflinks for a white shirt.



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