30 Websites ideas that will make you money

Being able to make money online for free is a dream that many people aspire to achieving. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for individuals to be unaware of the proper online home-based business ideas that actually work and can bring them a great deal of money. Some money making website ideas can help you to make more of a passive income while others are geared to replace your current income, allowing you to spend more time with your family doing what you love.

Another benefit to utilizing successful online businesses examples is that you’re able to truly do something that you enjoy. If your passion is spending time with your family, working on the internet and providing services to people worldwide, these 12 unique business ideas and 30 at-home work options are sure to fit your needs quite well without the investment needed to get started.

Why You Should Launch an Online Business?

The reason you need to consider making use of website ideas that make money is because you are able to spend time with your loved ones and earn more money to make life easier. Lots of people who have chosen to use these internet business opportunities find that there is little to no startup fee required and that they’re able to earn money that they want and need to take vacations, pay bills and even replace their current level of income using a more sustainable method.

Due to the large number of money making websites out there, it has never been easier for you to earn an income from the comfort of home. Most of these options allow you to learn how to make money online for beginners without having to put any money into getting started. The fact that you can make use of these website ideas to make money without a huge startup investment is why so many people are switching from their day jobs to selling items and offering services right from their own computer chairs at home.

Ways to Earn Money on the Internet

Whether you find yourself asking, “what kind of website should I make to make money?” or “what kind of website should I make for money that helps replace my entire income?”, there are a wide range of online business ideas without investment available. Whether you choose to focus on one of these specific ideas or try your hand at a multitude of options, you will find that dedication and persistence is key when it comes to earning money from these unique online business ideas.

1. Start a Blog and Earn Money

Bloggers are in incredibly high-demand and can make quite a bit of money the more that they blog. The way that bloggers are able to make their sites successful online businesses is by writing sponsored posts. This means that the posts they are writing and blogging about are paid for by the service, company or product they are promoting. The more that the blogger writes, the more they are able to make money online without investment and can either bring in a supplemental income or replace their current earnings. The key to success as a blogger is to advertise the blog well and increase your visitor traffic. Want to get started ? Read our article on how to start your blog.

2. Try Affiliate Marketing

For those who want to know how to make money online without paying anything, affiliate marketing is one of the top choices. Affiliate marketing involves linking out to external websites that pay you either for keeping their link on your site or for each visitor who comes to their page from your own. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn income and is probably the best online business to start with no money because of how much you may be able to make in return.

3. Sell Courses Online

Selling courses on the internet is both easy and fun. If you are experienced in a particular field, you can effortlessly create a course or class that people can sign up for online. They will then learn from the course all the while making you money in the process. This option is a win-win situation, since you’re offering knowledge to people who need it pertaining to a specific subject while also being able to make money. These unique website ideas are ideal for niche markets and can help bring in people interested in learning about a specific subject. With this particular business idea, you need a solid and professional website that both attracts visitors as well as offers them the course that they can purchase.

4. Create an Online E-commerce Shop

When it comes to any startup website ideas, one of the most popular is E-commerce. E-commerce involves selling items online using a shopping cart feature. This gives customers the ability to add items to their shopping cart and check out when needed. You can choose to sell just about any product you want, so it involves keeping the items in stock in a clean and organized environment. Some E-commerce website owners choose to use outsourced warehouses for their products so that they do not need to store and ship the items themselves.

5. Build a Membership on Your Website

If you want to know how to make money with a website without selling anything, adding a membership feature is a great way to optimize your site. This allows people to join your site as a member and get some exclusive member-only benefits that they will find to be advantageous on your site. In order to get this to work, you need to make sure that you are offering member-only benefits that are worth becoming a member for so that people are interested in paying money for a membership.

6. Create a Drop Shipping Website

Drop shipping is a quick and easy way to make money without the headache of storage, warehousing and shipping. This is a great online business ideas for students because you can essentially sell a lot of products but are not at all responsible for keeping the items in stock, as an outsourced warehouse and business is doing this for you. While you do take a cut in the amount that is purchased because of the outsourced services, you are still able to make a reasonable amount of income off of this business idea.

7. Create an Online Job Board

The reason this is one of the top ten online businesses out there is because it’s a feature and service that so many people are able to benefit from. You charge people to either post job availability or job postings so that employers can find workers and workers are able to find gainful employment. This is another win-win situation because not only are you able to make money, but you are helping people find work who truly need it in their lives.

8. Offer SEO Services

If you want to make money fast today, SEO is one of those business ventures that truly pays off. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is crucial for every single website in this day and age. Without SEO, websites aren’t able to rank well on search engines, making it difficult for people to find them when searching for keywords specific to their websites. This is why offering SEO services is so vital to the overall successful running of any website out there.

9. Make a Micro-Job Website

Micro-jobs are great for people who want to get temporary help with projects, often on an online basis. For example, someone may need to hire a content writer for a website they’re developing, but they don’t want to have the writer contract with them because it’s a temporary job. By creating a micro-job site, you’re connecting people who need temporary workers as well as those who are willing and able to do this type of work.

10. Become a WordPress Developer

WordPress development was named one of the most successful online businesses 2017 because of how in-demand this need is for those who have blogs and sites. WordPress developers create and customize sites for those who blog or have blogs on their site. You will find that by having a knowledge of layout and site development, you are able to offer this service at a reasonable price for your customers. I personally develop WordPress products here.

11. Make a Recipe or Food Blog

One of the best online business ideas for beginners is creating and running either a food or recipe blog. People are always looking for food ideas, restaurant information and recipes that they can try themselves right in the comfort of their own home. By creating one of these blogs, your visitors are able to find recipes and foods they’re want to try themselves.

12. Start as a Graphic Designer

When it comes to reliable online business ideas from home, nothing is better than becoming a graphic designer. Obviously, this particular type of work takes a lot of talent and requires you to work with clients of varying needs. However, if done correctly, you will be able to create a fully-realized site that brings in quite an income.

13. Create Your Online Marketplace

If you want to be able to make money online Paypal payments, you can create an online marketplace that allows people to post and sell items to other people. This is similar to an online garage sale site or an ad listing where people can sell items they are able to make money off of and you get a small commission for every single post that is added to the site. If you’re wondering, “what kind of website should I make for fun?” marketplace sites are completely unique and provide a service to those who need it.

14. Make a Fashion Blog

For those wondering, “what website should I make for fun?” there are lots of benefits to creating an online fashion blog. You can take pictures of yourself and others who are wearing beautiful fashions to showcase them on your website. People are then able to visit and take a look at the different fashions out there to get inspired for themselves.

15. Become a Content Marketer

With the wide range of website ideas 2018 to make money, content marketing has been one of the most beneficial. It is allowing people to write and create content for websites that will then benefit from this content. Content marketing is a lot like SEO, as it utilizes search engine optimization for a fully-realized website. If you want to know how to make money online, content marketing is a quick and easy way to get started.

16. Become an Expert in PPC

PPC, which stands for pay-per-click, is an easy and quick way to begin bringing in revenue. This entails having people click on links that go out to external sites, creating revenue for the sites involved. Whether you implement PPC onto your own site as a way to make money or you specialize in optimizing other sites’ PPC, you will find that this is one of the most profitable websites to start.

17. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are great for people who want to get their opinion heard, no matter what type of market or niche they specialize in. Your listeners are able to download podcasts for money and listen to them at their own convenience. You can make use of simple websites that make money and then add the podcast to the site where people are able to download the audio.

18. Launch a Review Website

Before someone buys a product or makes use of a service, they will often look at reviews online to see what the item or company is like. For this reason, launching a review site is how to earn money from website visits. People who visit your site will be reading and writing reviews, adding to the revenue you’re able to make from such sites. You can also get sponsored from different companies as a way to bring in even more income.

19. Buy and Resell Domain Names

With so many new website ideas 2018 as well as website ideas 2018 for students, buying and reselling domain names can actually make you quite a bit of money. You can purchase domain names that you feel will resell for more money and then sell them to different companies, bloggers and individuals who want that particular name. The key is to choose domain names that are simple and in-demand, so it pays to take a look at sites that are expiring that you can then purchase and resell.

20. Make Money Flipping Websites

In order to make money online with Google, you may want to consider flipping websites. This entails either purchasing a site that you can design and customize to fit your own needs or helping site owners who want to completely transform their current pages. You will need a bit of knowledge when it comes to site design and organization to be able to do this correctly and make money off of the service.

21. Become a Youtuber

Believe it or not, popular Youtube channels generate millions of dollars and can become incredibly successful. Because of this, you may want to consider becoming a Youtuber and creating your own channel. The key is to create videos that are both well-edited as well as popular with viewers. You should also post frequently so that people keep coming back to watch.

22. Become an Instagram Influencer

To learn how to make money online for free, you may want to become an Instagram Influencer. This involves selling products by taking pictures using them or posting reviews or comments about a specific item that you’re using. In order to become an Influencer, you need to have a pretty big following on Instagram so that companies will want to hire you to market their products and services.

23. Become a Video Editor

With so many people creating videos and becoming Youtube sensations, it is a good idea to go into the video editing industry. This allows you to edit videos and create sound effects and visual effects that truly transform the original video that was taken. Video editing is a great online business ideas 2018 for those who want to supplement their income and create a business that they can benefit from for years to come.

24. Offer Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is crucial for creating a successful site and it is why a lot of site owners are choosing to hire professionals who specialize in this particular service. Lead generation refers to bringing viable customers to a company that will benefit from the revenue.

25. Start a Design Agency

Designing sites is a great way to provide a service that people can benefit from all over the internet. Many people are unable to design and customize their own sites, so having a professional who is able to do this is essential for bringing in more revenue and unique traffic hits.

26. Launch a Lifestyle Blog

A great way to make website and earn money for free is to specialize in a lifestyle blog. You can make money either through pay-per-click advertising, sponsored posts and sales. Lifestyle blogs are also great because you will have lots of fun writing posts and connecting with visitors who comment on your thoughts.

27. Become a Vlogger on Youtube

If you have considered, “what kind of website should I make quiz?”, you may have come up with the idea of becoming a vlogger on Youtube. This involves creating websites that talk about your life and everyday activities. People are often very interested in getting into the lives of other people and will find these vlogs fun and entertaining to watch so long as they are well-done.

28. Become a Voice-Over or Narrator

While this often involves knowing a company that that requires this service, voice-over and narration work is a great way to earn money. You can even create a site that offers these services so that people visit it and choose to hire you for the work they need to have done. When it comes to which type of website is best for earning, this is a great choice as long as you get the right exposure.

29. Use Email Marketing

With so many website ideas for beginners, email marketing is a fun and easy way to make money quickly. You can earn quite a lot of money by marketing through emails for other companies. This involves creating emails that will be sent out to the masses and can bring in money for the company involved.

30. Create a Saas Product

Saas refers to a software distribution company that involves a third party provider host for applications which then makes them readily available to customers all over the world. By offering this type of software product, you will be able to make money off of every purchase that is made and this is why this is one of the right website ideas 2018 options out there.


If you’re wondering, “what kind of website should I make for adsense?” and want a website that is going to bring in quite a bit of revenue, it is crucial that you find a service that you feel you’ll be good at offering day after day. As with any other business, it is important to put time into developing the site and idea as well as maintaining it over the years. It could take weeks or even months before you’re able to generate revenue from the business idea in question. Whether you’re looking for the best website ideas 2018, want to make money online surveys or would like to utilize membership website ideas 2018, it is crucial that you choose the idea that’s right for your expertise and get started today.