Useful Tips for Better Corporate Branding

Storytelling is not just limited to novels, it also used to build emotional connection with customers. Major business personalities including Phil knight and Richard Branson have realized that it is incredibly difficult to capture customer attention through short and general stories. Storytelling on the other hand helps companies to establish deep connection with the customers. In addition to that, they are also memorable and encourages customers to spend time focusing on your brand. It helps to build long lasting relationship with your customers, ensuring that they choose your brand as their first choice. In this article, we are going to give you 5 proven tips to consider when optimizing storytelling for your business.

1. Know your target audience

The first most crucial thing that you need to bear in mind
when branding your business through storytelling is your target audience. No
one will share generic stories on social media. Customers want to feel that you really care about by them by sharing stories that they are able to connect with. The more specific your content is, the higher
the chances that your target audience will like and share the content on
various social media platforms. Take your time and identify your target audience,
their needs and solutions that your business offers to meet their needs. Give
solutions to questions that they want answered. Tell a story that will leave
your audience speechless.

2. Be wise with the headlines

This is very important aspect of corporate branding that most people usually
overlook. Titles, taglines and headlines are very effective method to brand
your business through storytelling. Just ask yourself if you would click on the
link if you read the title that you have just suggested for your content. If
the answer is no, then know that it is not good headline. The quality of the headline
and content should both be outstanding. No one will click your headline again
if they find out that the content is not of high quality.

3. Focus on fresh, keyword rich content

Most people are fond of choosing trendy topics. Although
that is great, the truth still remains that it will only get clicks for a certain
period of time. When the trend finally fades, your content will also fade away. That
is why it is crucial to focus on keywords as opposed to trends. Keyword rich content
is not time bound, it will send new clients to your company for many years to

4. Come up with a good storytelling strategy

It is extremely difficult to establish a successful brand marketing campaign through
storytelling if you don’t have a good strategy. Come up with a compelling plan
that will help capture the attention of your target audience. Just the way you
would check if your car is well serviced before you go for a long trip, it is
also very important to come up with a good strategy that will capture the imagination
of your target audience and promote your brand. What are you
planning to achieve and what plans have you put in place to help you actualize your
goals? This are very important questions that needs to be answer before you
start branding your company through storytelling.

5. Use data to boost impact

Statistics show that content marketing will generate over $313 billion by the year 2019. Experts recommend that you use data to boost impact
of your stories.

If you are thinking of marketing your brand, then you won’t
go wrong is you choose storytelling. It will not only enable you to connect
with your audience but it will also create a memorable experience. However, don’t
forget to update your content regularly.