Top 7 Android Tools for a Young Writer

A month into 2019 and it’s time to re-review the Android writing tools for young writers and students. While some tools boast their simplicity and ease of use, others engage in experimental techniques to keep the writer’s pen on the paper. Some apps even have a meditational quality to them, creating a perfect writing environment even in the busiest cafe.

Still, going through new writing apps, one can’t help but notice that the classics are still as relevant as ever.

In this article, we will go through the classics before listing newer apps with fascinating approaches to keeping a young writer busy.

#1 Grammar Checker: Grammarly Keyboard

Made by a group of Ukrainian students, Grammarly Keyboard has become the best grammar checker online. It is a paid app, but it’s beneficial for those who write essays, emails or blogs at lightning speed without time to check grammar errors.

It corrects grammar, punctuation, suggests replacement words, shows the use of passive voice and even makes your writing more (or less) formal at your request.

A standout feature of Grammarly is its interaction with other apps. You could be speed-writing your 5 paragraph essay in Docs and Grammarly Keyboard will scan your text and recommend changes on the spot.

#2 The Ultimate Classic: Google Docs

It just never gets old. Writing and sharing with Google Docs is a breeze. Almost all colleges support this app, asking students to send Docs files instead of wasting tons of paper on print.

The features of this app include in-text comments, histories of all the edits to the document, and a simple storage system with Google Drive.

All the features of Microsoft Word are preserved. Except you can access your data through any computer as Google Docs is an online writing tool.

#3 The Alternative to Google: Microsoft Word

Yes – the good old fashioned Word is still around. Lots of people are quitting Google these days because of all the ads and the security issues. Some find it strange how Google is so advanced at collecting information on its users.

The alternative to this is using Microsoft Word. It is a downloadable app which can be used both online and offline, as in the classic version.

Word syncs to OneDrive, just like Docs syncs to Google Drive. It also works with Dropbox if this line of apps is more your preference.

#4 Student Lifesaver: Evernote

Highly recommended and advertised, Evernote is the swiss army knife of writing apps. This app goes beyond simple writing software to include handy student tools.

These include to-do lists and reminders, voice-to-text features, an outline feature and much more.

As a student, this app can handle lots of heavy lifting. It’s a great way to take notes and store ideas, and voice-to-text is the quickest way to save a lecture.

If you’re sick to class, ask a friend to record the lecture and send it to you on Evernote.

#5 Writer Tools

Moving to the more obscure and Android-exclusive apps, our first pick is Writer Tools. The app is primarily made for writers or students of literature and creative writing.

The primary goal of this app is to keep you hooked on your work. You can place an “aimed word count” to see how many words you’re going for (and how many you’ve written).

It also helps you organize characters, plot timelines, and manage your writing by chapters. The app is free, but it has subscription-based services which do little except for removing the annoying ads.

#6 Monospace

A killer app with minimal design and incredible customization features. Text color, text size, read-only mode, and more.

The black background is a trademark feature of this app. It helps keep focus and minimize distractions from your writing process. It’s also effortless to organize your work within the app.

Apart from that Monospace is little different from other writing apps. The real winner in terms of intricate details and simple controls is…

#7 iA Writer

In many people’s opinion, this has been and still is the best Android app for young writers.

The slick design and the plethora of editing tools will help you do a LOT more with your writing. Formatting options are more professional and include HTML export, which is perfect for bloggers.

iA Writer is also completely free and does not restrict any features through subscriptions. Its smooth style helps writers stay focused on the page and keep distractions at bay.

The controls feel incredibly intuitive, and the high reviews make this app an instant classic for all Android users.