Top 5 UI/UX Trends in 2019

The 5 Essential UI/UX Trends in 2019

The trends in mobile UI/UX keep changing from one season to another. Here are the Top 5 UI/UX Trends in 2019 to give you a clear picture of what’s in store for this season!

Are you a web designer or a developer? If the answer is a resounding YES, you need to be aware of all the latest UI UX trends. UI is the User Interface, and UX stands for the User Experience. User requests for quality are growing, and so as a developer, you must hold your fingers on the pulse of the latest trends.

In this article, we will talk about the Top 5 UI/UX Trends in 2019. But before we proceed, you should know more about current usability trends. The target audience finds it easy to access an application which instantly gives them what they need. If users can’t easily find what they are looking for, they take the help of a search function to gain access to what they need. As a developer, it’s your task to provide these functions to improve their experience.

As a successful developer, you need to consider both the tech-savvy and the beginner users. That’s exactly why you need to keep in touch with the latest UI UX Trends. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top 5 UI/UX Trends in 2019.

The List of Top 5 UI/UX Trends in 2019:

#1 The Usage of Vibrant Colours

The first trend is the usage of vibrant colors. The users do not want attractive colors, but readability should be enhanced. Use nice fonts, and vibrant colors make it easy for the users to read without any hassles. By making the interface colorful and attractive, you are grabbing the attention of the user.

If you check out Instagram, they have a modified logo. The colors were subtle at first, and now they have used multiple colors to enhance the look. You have to use the colors the right way so that the users get interested in your application! Colors have the power to lift up the user’s mood.

#2 Adding Video Content

It looks like videos are in high demand! We are talking about UX and UI Trends which means we have to keep the audience in our mind. You will find that people watch tons of videos in a day through their social media profile. When you release a video, you gain the attention. It is a simple rule which you can follow.

Human beings are visual creatures, and they want to see something which catches their attention. In the year 2019, developers will see a rise in popularity of video content. You might as well follow the video posting trend to gain the attention of the consumers.

#3 Animations to capture the attention

Some users find animation pretty entertaining! It evokes memories of their childhood, and give a warm fuzzy feeling so that a wise developer can adopt this emotional factor in the year 2019.


This trend started in the year 2017, but we have a feeling that it will continue in this year as well! Creating interaction with the use of animation buttons makes it a fun experience for the user. Whether it is a child or a 70-year-old person, they will enjoy animation buttons on their phone.

You have to keep up with the UI and UX trends. We do believe that animations, buttons, GIFs, and fonts can add a charm to your web page design.

#4 Voice User Interface

“Alexa, play Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.”

“Alexa, what is the score of today’s cricket match?”

“Alexa, add tissues to the shopping list.”

You would save many minutes by just using a voice command. When you type on Google, it takes several seconds or minutes to find something. The voice user interface is the latest trend! We have seen many advertisements in which people are telling Alexa to tell the score of the match, and even play a peppy song.

You can ask a question or give commands without holding your phone. Whether it is Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant, all these are in high demand and users are actually buying these. Speaking to Alexa feels like you are in a scientific robotic movie. Voice User Interface is on the rise, and developers should take advantage of the same.

#5 Personalized Experiences

A personalized experience is on demand! When we shop on websites such as Amazon or Shein, we get product recommendations, and it improves our shopping experience. Even the subscribers of Netflix skim through the list of content which is related to what they have watched earlier. This is a personalized experience, and it’s very attention-grabbing.

Personalization has become smarter in today’s world as Spotify and Netflix are making a place in the user’s hearts.Even if you search for someone to write academic papers for money it will influence type of ads you get. The UX professionals can design websites based on the persona of the user and algorithms will decide on what content would be the most suitable for a person.

When we go to YouTube to play a song, there is always a list of suggested videos on the right. And sometimes one can indeed find a gem among those recommendations! Users cherish personalized experiences. However, personalization should not feel like stalking or a threat to the privacy. The users want to know that they are safe and cared for, but they won’t be if they get bombarded with offers they are not really interested in.

To provide the most efficient personalized experience for your customers, you can do the following:

  • Study your target audience. By so doing, you will know what the ones attending your web page need, and thus, you will be able to provide them with necessary options right after they’ve made the first couple of clicks.
  • Filters matter. This is probably one of the easiest and most convenient ways to personalize your customers’ experience. First, it gives them independence, since they can filter out the unnecessary products or services; secondly, it spares time, because if the filters are visible and work properly, customers can find what they need in a matter of seconds.
  • Provide online-support. This one can be a bit tricky but will come in handy. Of course, your aim to enhance your customers’ experience so that they had no trouble navigating your website, but even so, sometimes it’s much easier to ask directly. A pop-up window, in this regard, can be a nice option.

Words of Wisdom

A developer should follow all the web design trends that are working in the year 2019. Some older trends are still relevant today and are good to use as well, though. But come the new season and a new calendar year, it is best to adopt the most recent innovations in the UI and UX.

You can make the user experience and interface better by following the trends mentioned above! As a developer and a tech expert, it’s your task to make the users’ life simple yet interesting.

Author’s Bio:

Emma Rundle is a tech geek who works as a freelance academic writer for She loves to travel and write about the latest technological trends and gadgets.