Top 10 Domain Name Generator Tools

Creating a unique brand name doesn’t come easy, and the same applies to domain names too. With over 330 million registered domain names (and an increase of 3.7% after each year, several startups or new business owners are faced with the dilemma of getting a unique and befitting domain name for their business. For most, securing the services of a digital agency that will brainstorm for them is an expensive option. However, a cheaper and effective alternative is the use of domain generators.

Domain generators function by taking a keyword or a set of popular keywords, and then pairing them with top-level domains (TLDs) that are available, and ultimately generating a unique and befitting domain name. Although they are not direct replacements for human creativity, domain name generators are dependable enough to give a head start in the quest to get a good brand name.

Any domain name arrived at must make your website easy to memorize, brandable, unique and trustworthy. In this article, we have highlighted the top domain name generators. Do have a look at them!

1. DomainHole

It is suitable for options with four, six or ten words. You just have to enter a keyword, followed by a top level domain. Then you click the button, and you’ll be provided with several domain names. You can use the name spinner option to get a clearer picture of the options available. There is also the World’s First Domaining Game as well as the option to sign up for Doman alerts that will enable you to monitor a WHOIS status of your favorite domain name.


This WHOIS option ensures that your eventual domain name remains yours only. You can also research the history of a domain name, and if your preferred domain name is taken, this generator will offer you options via floating balloons on the page. You can also enjoy a premium TLD service for new businesses services, websites, and products, which increases the visibility of your website; exclusiveness via the .ME brand, and more value for the domain name in the case of an auction.

3. NameMesh

When you enter your keyword(s) in NameMesh, it will fetch you the most popular domain names under the “Common” tab; suggestions on possible domain name hack under the “Short” tab, and domain names with close sounding under the “Similar” tab. There is also the “Fun,” “SEO,” and “Mix” categories, to enable you to play around with your keywords to get an overall better output.

4. NameStation

NameStation provides you with an ideal brand name using the power of the crowd. You can even get top-level domains beyond the .Com sphere and the hand-picked options and variations can be sorted with their ranking system. The Naming Contest options allow you to describe your company or project details to the community of over 1M registered users and asking them to create a brand name.

5. Shopify

Here is a domain that helps to generate the best name that fits your company’s personality on the popular ecommerce platform. The generator allows you to input your business’ core concept and when you submit, you get several suggestions that are related to your company.

6. Lean Domain Search

You can get hundreds of thousands of free .com domain names when you search for a certain keyword on the Lean Domain Search platform. They’ll also do a name verification on Twitter, to enable you to register your chosen name via any reputable host.

7. Bust a Name

You can check various extensions, prefixes, suffixes, punctuation, and spelling on Bust a Name. It is also possible to check out names starting or ending with a certain word. They offer you 11 different options of purchasing your preferred name.

8. Panabee

With their originally preferred name – Pandabee – taken, this domain name generator had to settle for the name – Panabee. It works by suggesting related keywords, and your suggestions will be checked to see if they are available social media usernames.

9. NameStall

All you need to do is input your seed keyword, then select the option to appear either at the beginning or the end; disable or enable hyphens, and select a ‘word group’ that will complete your chosen domain. It is the best option if you do not have too many ideas on which complete domain name you should adopt, but still wants a considerable level of customization.

10 Nameboy

You are sure to get interesting domain names from this generator, especially TLDs other than the regular .com. Just have a slight idea of your preferred domain name, and Nameboy will do the rest. After inputting your primary and secondary keywords you are looking to combine into a single domain name, you can choose to add or remove hyphens or even have the generated domain names rhyme all along. Other TLDs apart from the .com are available.

Other notable name generators that are also worthy of the list include Domain Puzzler, Impossibility, DomainsBot, and DomainTyper.

And that rounds up our list of the Top 10 Domain Name Generators, all of which are tested and trusted to provide you with just what you are looking for.

Feel free to try any of them. Good luck!