This Coffee Table Inspired by Inception Bends Over a Cityscape

Except if you’ve been living under a rock lately you may have heard about the 2010 movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio, where characters can manipulate and build dreams. There’s one scene in-particular where Ariadne learns how to build dreams and is able to fold the city upon itself.

Inspired from this impressive scene, designer Stelios Mousarris decided to make a folded coffee table similar to the altered dream. The ‘Wave Coffee Table‘ is made from wood and steel using 3D printing technology, and highly resembles the scene from Inception.

As nice as it is, the price tag isn’t so inviting, if you want the Wave Coffee Table in your house, you’re going to have to pay up to €5000. You can get it here if you want it.

Wave_City_Coffee Table_4 Wave_City_Coffee Table_2 Wave_City_Coffee Table_3