25 Fun Illustrations Showing There Are Two Types of People in the World

There are two types of people in this world, thats a fact. For example there are morning people and night owls. That’s what Portuguese art director Joao Rocha has tried successfully to illustrate in his series called 2kindsofpeople.

Some people will find these pics hilarious while some won’t even understand some pictures. What type are you ?

Have a look at it below.


There are two kinds of people…

  • There are Pokemon Red people and Pokemon Blue People
  • Jack headphones people and lighting headphones people
  • Phone passcode people and people without a locked phone
  • Web browser tabs people and web browser windows people
  • People with hundreds of notifications and people without notifications
  • Those whose toilet paper feeds over the front and those whose toilet paper feeds from the back

Do you have some more in mind ? Share them with us in the comment section below

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