The Best WordPress Templates for Service Based Businesses

When you are first building your website for your business, you may be tempted to put together a site yourself. If you have some basic web skills and can afford to invest the time, this is not a horrible idea. You will need to take some precautions though, and if you feel over your head, hire a professional.

The thing is the way your website works or does not work will affect your online reviews, a true key to small business success in today’s market. If someone searching the web is looking for the best reviews of plumbers in Kansas city, you want your plumbing business in Kansas City to be on the top of that list.

It is the same for any business in any category, and the design of your website will have a lot to do with those reviews. You need to have easy ways for people to contact you, visible pricing on common services, and online forms for people to book your services on the spot. In order to have all of these things, you will usually need a more robust platform than most free themes.

Here are some of the best WordPress Templates for a service-based business.


The Javelin theme is clean and easy to use, whether your site has a blog or store along with your booking needs or not. It is set up well for SEO development, something you seriously need to consider when selecting a theme, and has a ton of built in, easy to use widgets.

The site also allows you to post a portfolio. In the service business, this can often include recent projects, before and after photos, and other photo and video galleries that highlight your services and showcase your professional results. This usually means more web visitors will turn into customers.


One of the key features of this theme is a booking option, one of the critical things to any service businesses. Being transparent with your calendar and allowing a customer to book available times with your company can go a long way toward earning more business.

With modern technology, there is no reason your customers should not be able to book with you on the spot and without ever picking up the phone unless they have some truly unusual questions. This is one of the other things entrepreneur does well: it has a place for both a blog and multiple pages that can answer those frequently asked questions easily and with a professional look that will wow your customers.

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is another great theme builder, one that has proven useful for all websites from the very simple to more complex corporate sites. Responsive pages are built in, making it mobile friendly, another vital feature for those who are running a service business.

This theme also integrates well with the Woocommerce eCommerce platform, which means you can make it easy for customers or clients to book your time and pay you on the spot without having to take any additional cumbersome steps. You can import plugins, shortcodes, and other features easily from your current theme.


There are several great features built into this theme like SEO optimization and Visual Composer, along with its own powerful page builder. There are over 40 modules and even a child theme included.

Along with this there are several headers and footers built in, along with a logo uploader many find extremely valuable. There are also Google analytics controls installed as well, making analyzing your traffic and evaluating your various campaigns easy. There is a Mega Menu and other premium features built in, making design easy and seamless.


KnowHow - A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

One of the themes that has truly changed the web design game is the Divi builder by Elegant Themes. One of the biggest selling points of this theme is the Divi builder, a tool that allows for pretty simple drag and drop features that make things easy even for an amateur designer.

However, just because it is simple does not mean it is any less powerful. With amazing menus and widgets, this theme can create some beautiful sites with only a little bit of skill. If you want to add a blog or add an ecommerce store, both are really simple with Woocommerce integration that is nearly seamless.


Intact is a praised WordPress theme with lots of demos and homepages. Many businesses will be able to use this theme, but it especially works well with startup and service businesses. With booking capability, and features that are truly expandable. Scrolling and Parallax features are available for backgrounds, making the site sharp and smooth operationally.

In addition, the site is SEO and speed-loading compatible. Because its theme is simple and looks both smooth and engaging, it is a great one for a small business who favors the simple over a complex and difficult to navigate site.

There are a number of other WordPress themes that will work for various types of service businesses, but if you start with one of these themes and build from there, you won’t be disappointed in your website or your ability to grow it more going forward.