Scratch that itch!

Scratch Cards in online casino sites are rarely spoken about. While most only know of scratch cards as a last-minute purchase when buying a couple of essentials at the corner shop, there is a whole other world of online scratch cards waiting to be discovered in the comfort of your own home. And for those of you that are lacking in saint-like patience, the system will usually have a feature that allows you to have your card manually scratched and revealed, if one-by-one scratching doesn’t excite you.

Much like the rest of the online gambling games, the scratch cards come in a variety of different themes. One that is the most recognisable is perhaps the “Deal or No Deal” scratcher. As always, your goal is to beat the banker by any means possible whilst in the widely recognised hot seat. The way to win is quite self-explanatory as you begin to digitally scratch off each symbol. The prizes that are up for grabs vary in their desirability and you must match three symbols in order to gain any kind of win. The amount of credits that are available to win are as follows; 50 pence, £1, £2.50, £12.50, £37.50, £100 and a whopping £1,250. The credits can then either be cashed out or used to continue the gameplay.

If you want the chance to win the generously generated jackpot then you must wager a minimum of two credits per game, otherwise you will only be able to win a percentage of the accumulated figure – should you be lucky enough to land three of the sort after jackpot symbols.

Another favourably exclusive online scratch card is “25K Scratch” which is a fast-paced addition to scratch gaming that reveals to you in seconds whether or not you have bagged a prize. The card is divided up into several different sections as the game progresses, building excitement at each turn.

The first part has the numbers hidden under dollar signs, then comes (hopefully) lucky shamrocks along with the dollar signs. Beneath the shamrocks there are several symbols you need to look out for. If you manage to find three crowns you can win a maximum of 25,000 credits, with three gold bars giving you 2,000 and a trio of number sevens delivering you 100 credits. For the smaller win you simply need to find either three horseshoes for 20 credits, three bells for 10 credits and three keys for a better-than-nothing two credits. The credits are then used to further your gameplay.

The section that follows is similar but instead has direct cash amounts beneath the dollar signs. Also, if you’re lucky enough to trigger a bonus game you may find a special prize of either bonus money or an additional free card hidden under a wrapped gift somewhere on your virtual card. The third segment of the game is where the biggest victories can be found, when you match three images to earn even bigger cash prizes. With so many different ways to win, there’s every reason to head online and get scratching!

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