Psychometric Tests: Making hiring easy

In an interview along with facets like education, skills, experience, appearance, and punctuality, there are many other prospective like the behavioural traits and personality of a candidate is also assessed during the interview for a job in a company. As an employer when you are given the job of hiring new people, it becomes your duty that you leave no chance of finding the deserving candidates. But only the interview basis is not enough to know fully about the person and see if he is perfect for the job or not. That is where the psychometric test is used for. Do not worry if you are not still familiar with this term yet. We are going to be talking about these tests in this article in details and tell you the reason why the companies are opting for this method of hiring and you should also follow this in your next recruitment process.

What are psychometric tests?

The word psychometric means the measurement of the brain. These tests are used as part of the recruitment process in which the intelligence, skills, and personality of the candidate are being gauged by the employers. In order to look for a suitable match for the company in which the candidate is applying, the results of these tests are used by the recruitment team.

These tests are designed in such a way that will measure the capacity of the candidate to work with others, process information and also cope with the stresses of the job. The values which are added by these tests to the hiring process are:

  • Informed and insightful interviews

The interviews are the best way to see if the candidate is perfect for the job. But there are many things like aptitude, knowledge, and skills are needed to be checked also before hiring anyone. This is not possible at the time of the interview and that is why these tests are very beneficial as they give the clear picture of the knowledge and the skills of the candidate, making it easier for the team to hire and have an interview. There are any chances that the things which are put on the resume are not present in real also. With the accurate result from these tests, the required things can be measured which will be able to have an informed interview for the company.

  • No faking exam

With the advancement in everything, these tests are also becoming advanced and the chances of faking or giving the wrong choice are minimized to zero. The design of the tests is such a way that the candidate will not see any pattern in the exam and will be forced to put the honest choice in the test. Furthermore, if the candidate tries to rig the test, it can be spotted easily and then the integrity of the applicant is questioned which makes the chances for the further process minimum. The employers want honest answers from the candidate which will be beneficial for the company. Along with that, it is also beneficial for the candidate’s interest as well because working in a place which does not suit the personality will not let him progress in a good manner.

  • Time Saver

Everybody’s time come at a premium and the interviews are generally taken by the people who are very high in posts and even CEOs. Their time is very valuable to the company and if that time is wasted on the person who is least suited for the interview, then it is wrong. These tests help in the quick assessment of the candidates and filter out the best deserving candidates as soon as possible. Then the process of hiring just narrows down to interviews for which the best of the candidates are qualified. The interviews can get very well as the interviewers can ask the relevant questions which are best suited to the personality of the candidate rather than shooting the arrow in the dark. Ultimately, it saves a lot of time for the employers and also gets the best of the candidates. This also helps when there are large number of applicants for the jobs in the big companies and firms. Indeed these tests are real time saver in those situations.

  • Reduces the mistakes from the interviewers

Many times a situation arises when an interviewer missed the bright candidate for the job or hired not a suitable candidate because of their gut feeling. The people who are doing the hiring jobs are not always best at this part because sometimes they are promoted from the different profile and sometimes they are just to this hiring process. But the psychometric tests help them also getting the refined number of candidates who are best suited to the company already and the interviewer can get the best out of them easily. In this way, the right talent will come to the company and increase the value of the company.

  • No biasing

No doubt, the company looks for the professional skills of the person but the softer skills like personality, motivation, and leadership quality is also very much needed in the employee. But judging this is a whole new game and while doing this, the biasing comes unconsciously. The people tend to choose the people who are like them more. But this whole scenario changes with the psychometric tests. In these tests, all the applicants can compete in a healthy way keeping the individual looks like their gender, race, sexual orientation, height, weight etc. apart. The hiring team can look for the right candidate who is best suited for the characteristics they are looking for rather than the potential best friend in the future.

Hence, with all the above-mentioned points, you must be convinced enough that these psychometric are worth taking the shot for the next hiring process. You can get the best of the candidates for your company and together you can take to the place which you have always dreamt of. So, happy hiring!




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