The Most Reliable SSD Hard Drive – Find the best SSD in 2019

In this article you will get a list of the most reliable ssd available. When you want to build a personal computer or just want to improve your laptop performance replacing your hard disk drive with a SSD can be really impactful on speed and performance.

We tried to find the most useful information about the most reliable and best ssd in 2018. If you are a newbie and want to learn what is a SSD you will find condensed information here, if you just want to find the best ssd just skip to the second part of this article for the most reliable ssd.

The Most Reliable SSD Hard Drive – Buyer’s guide

Preview Product Name
Samsung 860 Pro Samsung 860 Pro View
Samsung 850 Evo Samsung 850 Evo View
Crucial MX300 Crucial MX300 View
Samsung 950 Pro PCLe NVMe M.2 Samsung 950 Pro PCLe NVMe M.2 View
Intel 750 PCI – Express 3.0 x 4 SSD Intel 750 PCI – Express 3.0 x 4 SSD View

What is a SSD?

Previously, a computer used a spinning hard disk for storage. It has a magnetic metal plate where data is stored. Computer users had to endure the slow speeds of the former technology of hard disks in computer storage solutions. SSD is a storage component acronym for solid-state drives. Essentially, SSDs function more like the hard disk with the exception of data storage, which is on memory chips rather than the hard drives where it is kept magnetically on the strips. Unlike hard disks, SSD can retain power, and therefore the data as well, in the event of power loss. Flash memory chips are installed in a system’s mother board permanently on PCI Express (PCIe) cards and on the hard drive of a computer. To demystify pcie vs sata ssd; PCIe stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, which refers to a motherboard connection or simply an extension to the motherboard.

Currently, with the technological advances, one can choose between hard disks and the solid state drives (SSDs). These drives provide speedy performance unlike before where hard disks lacked instantaneous booting as well as faster data transfers. SSDs lack fragmentation, which eases reading data, and thus hastens the launch of apps and consequently saving you much time. Upgrading to the solid-state-disks is the best treat you will give to your PC. SSDs make your computer not only experience faster booting, but also shorten the time for programs to load.

Since 2016, there has been an immense transformation in drives’ operations, which eventually influenced computer sales. Some of the best ssd laptops 2016 were Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga, Microsoft Surface Book, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and Samsung ATIV BOOK 9 Pro among others. The SSDs shift has shaped how PCs work, and eventually the way people shop for gadgets. The efficiency of a computer system is as good as its components. Not every SSD in the market is effective though. A thorough search on the market will bring out the best ssds available, and as required, namely; best ssd for laptop, best ssd for macbook pro and best ssd controllers. One must choose the best SSD for optimal performance and value for their money. Consequently, sufficient comparison will enable one to discover ssd failure rate by brand.

The SSD chosen ought to consistently have consistent and reliable performance. Proper understanding of how they work will determine the success of your ssd reliability test. Reliable drives have less ssd uber. SSD UBER, also known as unrecoverable bit error rate, is the percentage number of bits with errors compared to all read ones. Mostly, this is established in manufacturing plants outlining flash reliability in production: the expected and the unexpected. An average computer user may not need the intricate details, but outstanding brands are well known. Samsung ssd reliability is unquestionable all over the world. Similarly, it’s critical to acquaint yourself with the different ssd controller types and terms used to describe them. Some examples of terms used in ssd controller comparison are SATA, PATA, SD, and USB.


SSDs stay longer due to their lack of moving parts, which cause faster wear and tear. Instead, SSDs stay compact keeping the data safe even in the event that your computer falls or is shaken. This makes SSDs to be more reliable ss than hard disks.


SSDs technology allows for size shrinking, making them smaller than the hard drives. There are varying sizes available according to one’s needs and preferences. In this regard, the largest ssd drive available is the Seagate’s 60 TB.


SSDs emit no noise as they are non-mechanical. Hard disks usually have rotating disks that produce sound.

How much for a SSD?

SSDs are mostly chosen for their efficiency, for which there is no price tag. Though they are a bit pricier than hard drives, SSDs are budget friendly, and have great rewards in the long run. Different brands are priced differently, but the main determinant is capacity, speed and performance, which is equally dependent on the intended use of the drive.

The Most Reliable SSD in 2018

The SSDs technology has become popular in this time and age. Several brands are available in the market, but all of them do not have the same functionality. It is essential, therefore, to first understand your need in order to match it with the products available. The more a drive meets your needs, the better. In the same way, when a product promises a consistent performance, then it’s reliable.

How to Choose Your SSD

Computer users find it a daunting task to make a choice when they want to upgrade their systems. For example, they may wonder what to choose between m2 ssd vs ssd. SSDs with impeccable user experience rate should be most preferred when searching for the most reliable solid-state-drives. Clients want drives which will load pages quicker, copy files faster, and launch applications instantly. Power efficiency and ability for more write limits also qualifies for a reliable SSD. Consequently, when choosing the best ssd for laptop, consider the brand, the year your PC was manufactured, as well as the intended use. Below are some of the best ssd 2017. Some of them are still rated as most reliable ssd since 2016.

Best high end Data SSD – Samsung 860 Pro

This is the ultimate choice for users who want both high endurance and exceptional speeds. It is ideal for heavy workloads with high-end machines. Heavy IT users find Samsung 860 Pro’s performance perfect for their work. It comes with a 600 terabytes written (TBW) or a 10-year warranty. With AES 256 – bit engine encrypted on the hardware to secure your data and standards of TCG Opal v. 20 complied with. Also, the presence of Dynamic Thermal Hardware helps prevent overheating.

With 3D V-NAND technology, Samsung 860 Pro provides world – class read and write execution in both sequential as well as random tasks. Again, just like all Samsung components, 860 Pro is fine tuned in every stage of manufacturing to ensure perfect and consistent performance. This enhances its functioning and reduces power usage. The Samsung 860 Pro is ideal for upgrading, as the best ssd for macbook pro mid 2012 to perform large workloads. It was categorized as the best hdd for gaming 2017.

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Best Gaming SSD- Samsung 850 Evo

Game enthusiasts look for a drive with outstanding performance, high capability as well as reliability. The Samsung 850 Evo outperforms most SSDs in its ability and price. With the vertical 3D NAND flash memory arrangement, it allows more chip densities, thus better performance. It’s available in storage capacities ranging from 120 GB up to 4 TB. Another advantage with Samsung SSDs is the presence of Bundled Magician Software that enables the Rapid Mode, which creates a cache to boost file function speeds. It was the fastest ssd drive 2016, and still is.The Samsung 850 SSD Evo is arguably the best budget ssd for gaming, and the most reliable sata ssd as well as the fastest m.2 ssd. It’s among the first ten 500gb ssd price in india as well as among the ssd benchmarks 2016. It’s also the best sata ssd 2016, most reliable ssd 2016, not to mention the best budget ssd 2016.

The Samsung 850 Evo remains as one of the best ssd external hard drive, best ssd in india and the best ssd for gaming reddit.

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Best Budget SATA SSD – Crucial MX 300

This is an elaborate drive in its performance and affordability. It has an enhanced endurance that adds to its reliability. Its extra advantage over other SSDs is the over 2 million hours of mean time between failure (MTBF), which is two times more reliable than average drives. Moreover, it’s long lasting and has among the best ssd enclosure. It also durable, and was enlisted to be among the most reliable ssd 2017, best sata ssd as well as among the fastest ssd 2017.

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Best SSD for Workstations – Samsung 950 Pro PCLe NVMe M.2

Samsung 950 Pro is the next generation solid state drive suitable for professionals handling heavy workloads. With the new technology of NVMe interface, 950 Pro has the ability to withstand intensive projects like computer- design work, analyzing data, and engineering simulations. It’s faster than SATAs SSDs, and has superior performance as well as 1.5 times energy efficient. The V-NAND technology and insulators in the 950 Pro, maximizes endurance while reducing stress, tear and wear. It also has a thermal throttle technology, which controls damages resulting from overheating. It also comes with a limited warranty of up to five years. Equally, Magician software is available to assist in management, monitoring and enhancing the performance of the drive.

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Best PCl-e SSD – Intel 750 PCI – Express 3.0 x 4 SSD

Intel 750 is an excellent performer with multi-tasking abilities. It’s the fastest consumer drive in the market at the moment. It has an NVMe interface that allows users a bootable, user friendly, plug and play solution. The drive targets PC enthusiasts and those who use workstations. It has mydigitalssd bpx 240gb, which improves raw throughput performance and reduce latency. Users experience immersive experience while gaming, as well as Ultra High definition videos, and enhanced resolution imaging. It enables design and building of better content in large sets of data.

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With all of that being said we also choosed to collect some other really good and really reliable SSDs for you to choose from.

Samsung 960 EVO

This drive is among the Samsung’s top brands. With superior performance, Samsung 960 EVO is a brilliant choice. The product comes with an advanced 3 years warranty, and maintenance software. It has a Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) interface that enhances its bandwidth, and Samsung TurboWrite technology that boosts the write and read speeds incredibly. The drive is capable of sustaining a high performance. In addition, it has a Dynamic Thermal Guard to ensure optimum responsiveness by keeping off excess heat. In addition, Samsung 960 EVO comes with the latest software solution – Magician, which allows users to check its progress for proper management as well as maintenance, thus improving its performance. Equally, the automatic update of the software enhances better functionality. It’s also among the best m.2 ssd for gaming and the best pcie ssd. Various sizes of the drive are also available. There is no doubt that the Samsung 960 Pro is among the top 10 internal solid drive and a major ssd benchmarks. Was the best ssd for gaming 2017 and still remains the best storage for gaming pc.

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ScanDisk Extreme Pro

ScanDisk Extreme Pro delivers maximum speeds without compromising performance. Its high capacity and power, creates reliability for shooters with large loads of work. It has a 95MB/S transfer speed and has the ability to simplify post-production work. It’s ideal for professional cameras and camcorders with high resolution. The presence of UHS Video speed Class 30, the ScanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC and SDXC UHS-1 allows for uninterrupted capture of Full HD and UHD videos. This makes it a great company for extreme sports professionals. With sandisk extreme pro ssd, you are assured of a consistent performance day in day out. Together with the card is RescuePro Deluxe software that helps in data recovery when deleted accidentally. The cards are durable and designed to withstand harsh conditions such as shock, extreme temperatures, water, and x-ray. Equally, they qualify among the best budget ssd reddit.

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Samsung 950 Pro

This state of the art drive supports PCI Express Gen 3×4 lanes with a provision for a higher bandwidth and low latency for more data processing. Its performance is 4.5 times more for sequential read and 2.5 times for sequential write, in comparison with SATA SSDs. The Samsung 950 Pro is able to withstand the heavy work without compromise on performance. It’s also energy efficient and extremely reliable. The drive comes with a limited 5 year warranty.

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Samsung 850 EVO

This is a remarkable choice, especially for large capacity users. The 1TB storage has even more endurance, and the capacity to write from 300 terabytes of data. It has Samsung Data Migration together with Magician software included to ease installation. It is compatible with many common operating systems, besides being particularly energy efficient. Samsung 850 Evo SSDs have a longer warranty and a reliable Samsung customer service. This brand featured as having the best 1tb ssd drive price in india, and the best budget ssd 120gb plus best 120gb ssd. It’s also the cheapest ssd india and was the best ssd india 2016.

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OCZ Vector

With ShieldPlus support, OCZ Vector provides more than 5 years warranty, in that you get a personalized customer service, and device replacement guarantee in case of product failure. It is compatible with many laptops due to its standard hard drive and adapters that fit in desktop computers. It comes with Acronis True Image license software to assist in backing up data, and in drive cloning. In case of unexpected power loss, the device has system capacitors to provide extra power for any unfinished work. This feature also helps monitors power fluctuations. OCZ Vector is also extremely affordable.

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Intel 750 PCle

Intel 750 PCle defined ssd reliability 2016. The presence of both 2.5 inch and Add-in Card helps migrate from SATA to PCle without interfering with the power or limiting thermal performance. The NVMe storage hastens booting, therefore, promoting the SSD and platform synchronization. Intel 750 Pcle can itself be booted, and still used as a hard drive. The drive is able to handle high demand workloads without compromise of quality, speed and performance.

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Kingston V300

Kingston V300 is the best choice for those who wish to upgrade their SSD in a cost -effective way. It’s up to ten times faster than the ordinary hard drive, besides being more reliable and long lasting. Kingston V300 is shock – proof and remains intact even after dropping or in the shakes’ disturbances. It does not emit noise when working, and has a form factor that fits in most systems. It’s certainly affordable and durable. The warranty covers up to three years and free technical support is available.

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Silicon Power S55

This new slim SSD brings a faster booting experience on your personal computer. Its ultra-small, but packed with a package of maximum reliability, is durable, energy efficient and has high-speed data transmission. This cutting-edge innovation delivers high class performance while being unbelievably affordable. Its small size makes it versatile for a broad range of systems upgrade. The Silicon Power S55 hosts Bad Block Management to secure your system against damages resulting from bad blocks, thus prolonging the SSD lifespan. A three year warranty is also provided.

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Others Solid State Drives

There are other brands that are worth recommending for their superior performance, outstanding reliability and adorable speeds. These are; toshiba ocz vx500 ssd and sk hynix sl308. Under PCIe technology is the intel 600p 512gb with NVMe interface, and admirable performance among others. Toshiba OCX VX500 boasts of remarkable sequential read/write speeds, laudable endurance, cloning software and SSD management software with a five-year warranty. The SK Hynix SL308 delivers considerable speeds and quicker booting as well as better system responsiveness. It’s loaded with S.M.A.R.T technology, which predicts and responds to drive failures with no data loss. It is also quiet and energy efficient. The Intel 600p 512GB has perfect reliability with wide range capabilities of from 128 GB – 1TB. It’s also slim and easy to carry.