Marketing Your App More Effectively: Planning

The saying if you fail to plan, you plan to fail is no more true than in the case of technology.  The very basis of technology is on making things more convenient, more efficient, and more streamlined, despite the fact that with such an array of new technology coming out at break-neck speed, it is very quickly becoming the opposite.

With so many new apps coming out every single hour, there is a challenge of being able to cut through the fog of others that are just trying to get a piece of the trillion dollar pie.  Fortunately, you have us to help with a few key insights about how to plan your app so that it more effectively markets itself.

  1. Don’t build your product around whims, build it off an audience.
  2. Know What Features Are Most Important
  3. Keep It Simple, Stupid

All too many app developers are excited to release their first app without having any kind of idea whether it will be successful. The reason that they do it is because they assume they know their target audience when in fact they have a general idea of who they want to use their application.This website for instance invested in doing market research for a whole year to get to know their target audience before releasing and marketing their mobile app despite their already-strong market presence.

Building an app for an audience and not vice versa seems like a no brainer, but if you have ever scrolled through the app store, you’ve definitely found apps and wondered “Who would even use this?”.

In the case of luxury apps, there’s always the rare anomaly because people online like to spend money on random things. But those rarely last longer than their trend allows.

Luxury apps for instance like the expensive red dot app that went online a few years ago for $1000+.  It was just a status symbol and one that came and went as fast as the tides.

For longevity, knowing your audience allows you to also know where they hangout, what their interests are, and what you need to do in order to get their attention. The more intimately you understand them, the better you can build and effectively market your app without wasting too much money.

You’ll be aware of what features are most important to them. For instance, for a delivery service app, location based app development plays a role because it is quite obviously dependent on location.

It goes back to another old adage, K.I.S.S.. Keep it simple stupid.  It’s basically the process of simplifying down to what is necessary vs. what you think would be cool, and the reality is that data provides the insight into what is important and what isn’t, but the ability to act on that insight is integral to being a quality developer and effective marketer.

You’ll be able to source better places to more cheaply market your app by isolating what makes certain apps work for your audience and how they were able to get distributed. Looking where they are most prevalently found will help you to piggyback off their ideas but still make them your own. It isn’t only limited to apps in the same niche.

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