How to earn from Facebook?

It is going to be hard to find someone, who does not use internet. Among internet users, the most time spent by them is either on search engines like Google or on social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. These sites are far ahead from their contemporaries in terms of popularity and hence, lots of people, especially online marketers, have started using Facebook as a mode of the target potential customers. This is also provided an opportunity for FB users to earn using Facebook.

How exactly you can earn from FB?

Although this is not a simple task, yet they are the different ways and in fact plentiful ways,  in which Facebook can be used to make money. If you are interested to know more about it, then we are going to tell you just that! Read this article and find all the necessary information that would be helpful for you to get started with earning online, and in particular, with social networking site like Facebook.

An introduction to the concept of earning online:

Earning online is a quite an old as well as popular concept among internet users. If you are an active internet user, then the chances are that you might keep on listening success stories of Mr. so and so, who was a nobody at certain span of time and how he was able to make a good fortune by simply using a computer and an Internet connection! You might see lots of tempting advertisements that promise to tell you the ‘secret’ of earning millions of dollars by just sitting within the comfort of your home and working from there!

Though, some of these cases might be true, but the fact remains that in order to achieve success and make substantial fortune, you need to work hard and be patient with the results. Although there could be some overnight cases of excellence, those can be best explained as exceptions and they do not qualify as a formula for success, which can hold true universally. The bottom line is that, if you want to be successful, you have to work hard for it.

Earning from FB – Getting Started

However, that does not mean that you cannot earn using FB. If you would like to get started with earning online, then Facebook would be a good way to get started. You might wonder how can Facebook help you making money. Well, there is no direct way to earn from Facebook. But there are definitely ways in which you can make some money from it.

Online marketing gurus have observed that people spend substantial time in social networking sites like FB and Twitter. As users spend hours daily on these sites, they get influenced by it and the content around it. Hence, the advertisements that are shown on FB are likely to affect the subconscious mind of substantial users that use FB daily. Research has proved that if these ads are promoted or are vouched by someone, who is in their friend’s list, then they are likely to impact them even more. This psychological fact is the base concept that can make FB users earn!

Social networking sites have always been first choice for online marketers to promote their products as they are always looking for trustworthy profiles, who can vouch for their products. So, one of the best ways to make money using Facebook is through affiliate marketing.

Earning from FB with Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you simply need to select a good product and then promote its link. When somebody uses that link to buy your product you get a good commission out of it. As most of the products that sell online are digital products, they carry a heavy commission which can be anywhere from 30 % to 90% of the total sales price! This means that if the sale price of a digital product is $100, then you can easily earn $ 30 – $ 90 as commission when someone buys it using your referral link.

FB earnings are easier said than done!

As easy as it may sound, yet you need to understand this concept properly and act smartly in order to earn from Facebook. If you have a profile and with hundreds of relatives and friends circle following it, you should first define what kind of products you would like to sell or promote using your referral link. It would be good if you select a product, that suits your personality and is also welcome by your friends circle.

Once you finalize the product, the next thing that you have to do is to promote it smartly. If you just start promoting it directly and openly, people might not like it and FB won’t allow that kind of direct marketing either. So in order to do this, you need to act smart and try to find some natural ways in which you can promote a product.

For example if you are a health conscious person and most of your friends in your FB profile are also health-conscious, then a good way to earn from Facebook would be by selecting some product like an e-book, or any other relevant health product, with which you identify and believe in. Next, you can start talking about them in most natural way possible and it shouldn’t look intended in anyways. If you can do this in a smart way then people who are generally interested in it would buy it using your referral link and you will earn money. But do check out their terms and conditions and confirm before promoting UK casino guide and related stuff because that might not fit in to their allowed-for-sale- product-list!

Learning basics would help!

It would be good if you can take out some time to learn the basics of affiliate marketing before starting it. It is not difficult to earn money using it, if you make your moves right. At the same time, you need to understand that blunt marketing can get your FB profile suspended. Hence, it would be better, if you can first learn the basics and understand the demand and sensibility of the situation and then make your moves accordingly.


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