How to design your written content

Writing articles for a website or blog is one thing, but making sure written content is well designed is another. The catch here is that even with the most captivating introduction, sometimes content writing jobs are not just about putting words to paper. Every write-up should fulfil a purpose, but without designing a post in such a way that it meets expectations of readers, convert, generate conversations and is shareable, it would just be another boring new article that adds no value to readers.

In this post, learn how to design written content. Take a look.

Understand the purpose of your content

‘Why’ of content design is a vital consideration you must make. It shouldn’t just be about having a broader perspective of goals but also taking into consideration, micro concerns of readers. For example, what do you want readers to feel after clicking on call to action buttons or navigation links? How should they interact with every element on a webpage? How should you back up you’re your story-using what types of findings? What are you trying to address and how do you want readers to think about it?

With the above questions at the back of your mind, designing content becomes an easy task, even if you have to do most of the groundwork.

Make sure written content is clear

Clarity is a vital content design skill you need to get the message across to readers. For example, think more of writing in the active voice instead of passive. It does not only make your post SEO friendly but also searchable through voice inputs. Also, use simple and formal language instead of Jargon. It means, as a content designer, you are more or less like an editor doing final touches on a post before it goes live online.

It must be flexible

Even with the best website template for bloggers, there are days when content doesn’t yield great results. And so, you must redesign it. It is a process of maybe rearranging texts and layout to change message hierarchy or conducting a SEO audit to determine if you used the right keywords. However, if you publish blog posts without flexibility in mind, they may be a little bit difficult to design when testing a new template or changing the message.

Formatting is the key to great content design

As a content designer, formatting is another vital undertaking. Here, you should be thinking about making a post accessible to different types of readers in their respective first languages through translation tools, using bullet points for easy reading, header tags, images and videos. In a nutshell, you must make sure everything is simple to understand and easy to read.

Final Thoughts

Even with the best writing skills, content design is indispensable. It is all about final touches on a copy before it goes live. Making sure articles generate conversations or convert, therefore boils down to not only using My Paper Writer to create great content, but also designing it for the search engines and readers for ease of understanding.