How to Design UX for Website?

Do you want to UX your website? Truly, UX design is all about the impression of the users after visiting the website. Here you will find several tips how to improve your website UX design. Ready? Let’s do it for the prosperity of your UX consulting firms.

1. Improve the landing page.

Remember the proverb “You will never have a second chance to create the first impression”? This is all about the state of your landing page. A lot of UX depends on the very first thought that comes to the user’s mind when they visit your website. For instance, there might be too much of inaccurate information or the images that do not look good enough to make the user interested. Many authors of the books about UX design claim that UX is all about psychological and behavioral patterns. Meaning, you have to take into account the emotional features of the potential user to improve the UX design.

2. Minimize the content.

Quality is better than quantity. Krug, the author of the book about UX design, claimed that you should get rid of the half of the website’s content. Why? Because the user will get tired scrolling your website and even not looking and reading what is in your website’s content. Make the language simpler and the sentences shorter. Have you ever noticed that those people who talk less, but think more are more intelligent and wiser than those who are too talkative? The same is about the UX of the website. The lesser the content, the better UX design.

3. Add live chat.

Live chat is a must for every self-respectful website. It goes without saying that your user should feel that he or she is not alone there. It’s a matter of support. Also, the user will trust the website’s owners more, if there is a live chat. If he or she has any troubles regarding using the website, they will have the customer support representative to reveal their issues and get the necessary assistance.

4. Make the UX personalized.

Everyone wants to feel he or she is special and unique. So it is and adding some personalization to your website will make both the users and owners of the website happy and delight. How to do it? Just ask some information of your users when they sign in to the website during registration. For instance, you may ask them their birthday and send them the greetings on this day. It will make the user trust and love your website, of course, improving the UX.

5. Place CTA (call to action) buttons.

Sure, when the user visits your website, he or she needs something. Maybe, they do not even realize what they need, but here you are to offer them what you have. Therefore, the CTA buttons should be installed on your website. The UX gurus claim it is better to place those buttons at the bottom of each post in order not to look aggressive and imposing.

6. Have scroll-triggered animations.

The website without animations is too old-fashioned for today. Every animation, which is on the website, makes the users feel as if they are watching a movie and are taking part in it. Therefore, they are more interested to interact with such a website more than with a site, where this stuff is absent. So if you want to make the user stay on your online platform more, add animations.

7. Design a 404 error page well.

This page is a must to be designed well. The user should find there, at least, some info that will improve their mood or whatever makes them happier. Also, you may add their links of the most visited posts on the website you own.

Wish you to have a lot of new visitors of your website. Have a great day!