Guide to Buying External DVD Drives

When you have a technical problem with your built-in DVD drive or you own a network, an external DVD drive may be the right solution for you. Portability is an important aspect when considering such a purchase. The best external DVD drives for your needs are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry in your bag.

Should you decide to acquire an external DVD drive for your laptop or gaming PC, there are several features and options you should always consider before a purchase:

  1. Compatibility – Although the majority of DVD drives will have no compatibility issues with your operating system, be it Mac or Windows, you should always remember to confirm whether the drive is compatible with your operating system’s version. Certain external drives do not support the most recent updates while other cannot play Blu-ray.
  2. Speed – An external drive’s speed relates to both its read and write speeds. Its USB version is also closely related to its speed. These days, it is always advisable to acquire an external DVD drive supporting USB 3.0. It will be considerably faster than USB 2.0 drives but will still maintain backward compatibility with older USB versions.
  3. Quality – The best DVD drives come with a solid build. Most drives look fragile because of their small size but they should be durable nonetheless. Even a unit made of plastic can be!

Another small thing to consider related to quality is the fingerprint-resistant housing. Although it does not affect performance, nobody likes to have a dirty-looking drive.

  1. Noise – A drive reading a DVD can sometimes emit annoying sounds. If you don’t want to be distracted by those, consider a DVD drive with a noise reduction technology, guaranteeing a quieter performance. 
  2. Single-cable operation – Since most computers have sufficient power to operate an optical drive, you will not require an extra cable. External DVD drives no longer need a power source.

While there are many places where you can purchase the best external DVD drives, we have two proposals for you:

  • Pioneer BDR-XD05B – This USB 3.0 portable Blu-ray burner for Linux operating systems guarantees fast performance. Since it comes with USB 3.0, it doesn’t need a power adapter or an additional USB connector. It is also bundled with PowerDVD – a video player software that will save you money because you will not need to purchase it separately. The drive is fast, slim, and lightweight, performs quietly and does not collect fingerprints.
  • LG Ultra-Slim Portable DVD Burner & Drive with M-DISC™ Support (GP65NB60) – it is one of the best cheap external DVD drives. In case you already have an external hard drive, the next logical step may be to acquire an external DVD drive, and one of your best options is LG Electronics GP65NB60. Compatible with a range of operating systems, Max OS X and Windows included, this drive is jamless, silent and features TV connectivity. The M-Disk format support also comes in handy.

Ensure that the DVD drive you acquire is the best product for your budget, as you will most likely use it a lot.

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