Great Tips To Conquer Instagram Marketing

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Are you looking to make a splash and start making some more money online? If that is the case, you should certainly focus more resources on your Instagram profile. The platform has roughly 1 billion active monthly users, and not trying to profit from them would be a complete waste.

Everyone has heard about Instagram and probably has a channel. But the difficult thing is to actually make some use out it. Be it brand awareness, more website traffic, or anything else that you can come up with. If you are not following a proper strategy and just posting random stuff, nothing is going to happen.

Instagram Stories

Ever since the introduction of this feature people have been making great use and are still finding new ways to get more attention. Since a story lasts for 24 hours and gets deleted afterward, you can hook people with some exclusive footage, contests, various teases, announcements, upcoming product or service reveals, etc. It should be quite clear that using the instagram story feature has a lot of benefits.

Stick to Schedule

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Coming up with a schedule is one thing, but it is quite another when you have to maintain it and try to come up with enough content in order to not miss a day or two.

That is one of the reasons why so many channels avoid posting every day and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Also, try to find the best time to post. See when you get the most engagement each day and stick to those timeframes. This will take time to test, but the effort will not go to waste.


There are a lot of ways to make money on the internet. However, a lot of people agree that hardly anyone has it as easy as influencers. They get paid for a simple shoutout for a product or service.

Working with them could bring you a lot of followers as well. Since these accounts have built a very loyal audience, you can be certain that they are listening to virtually every influencer word.

Compelling Caption

Copywriting is a very difficult skill to achieve. Even more so when you have so little room to capture the attention of a reader, who, in this case, would be someone browsing Instagram.

Captions might not seem like that big of a deal since Instagram is all about visuals, but people pay attention to them regardless. And the more compelling your message is, the higher your chances are of attracting more engagement.


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Nobody can deny the importance of hashtags on Instagram. It would be impossible to find certain channels or posts if they do not have hashtags in them. You can even find hashtags in bio. Instagram stories also tend to have those.

Keep in mind, though, that you should put too many hashtags in a single post. Otherwise, it will look too spammy and hardly anyone is going to take you seriously.

Engage and Encourage Others

Respond as often as you can whenever someone leaves a comment or sends you a direct message. Engaging with others is an important part of growing as a channel and showing your audience that you are genuine and care about them.

Try to encourage them to engage as well. Your content should be created with that in mind.

Variety Content

Speaking of content, do not stick to just a single formula and post it all the time. Variety is crucial to keep things interesting and fresh. Plenty of brands feature user-generated content because it benefits both parties. You could try that as well if you feel like you not producing decent stuff.

Research Your Competition

Looking at what other, well-established account are doing could also help with finding inspiration. And do not think about it as a means of cheating because there is hardly any originality when you look at a bigger picture. And if that helps to broaden your horizon, who really cares?


You will have to deal with trial and error whether you like it or not. Hardly anyone is capable of accomplishing decent results at first and it takes time and testing. It is clear that the more time you spend, the better your results are going to be. So even if your campaign is not working out at first, do not give up and continue to push through.

Strive to Build a Community

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First and foremost, a business account is what it says – a business, with the intent to make money and raise brand awareness. But you should treat it more than that and strive to build a community that will thrive for years to come.