Free Hotel Landing Page Templates: Why Do They Sell?

The hotel business is rather complicated—it includes administration, settling, dining, facilities, and supporting programs. The distinctive features of this business are seasonality, urgency, inconsistent quality of services, and many other intangible factors. That’s why the main point is to grow the customers’ confidence and stress the services’ tangibility and their benefits. How can this ambitious goal be achieved? A free landing page template for hotels does an excellent job.

Free Landing Page Templates for Hotels: What Are They?

A landing page (LP) is an internet resource that involves encouraging leads to initiate certain procedures. Leads usually come to this page via a search engine or by clicking on a particular advertisement. An LP is not a simple description of the service with an “order” button but something outstanding and non-standard. At the same time, it should obey the marketing laws.

Because LPs are targeted, their conversion and advertising revenues, as a result, are higher than that of a standard web page. The information is available for the user—he or she sees everything on one page.

An LP is efficient only if it is well designed and structured—without tons of fragmented elements and worn-out content. The definite structure, design, and copyright depend on its topic. To make the task easier, you can build upon hotel landing page template for free.

Free Landing Page for Hotels: Five Must-Have Elements

A page that is able to sell is consistent with the latest design trends. It is also important to use its space rationally to let the lead focus on the targeted action. Try to avoid distractions and heavy color pallets. Use images and icons to visualize the services and their benefits, and match the ad to meet the users’ expectations.

Here are the important elements on a free landing page for hotels:

● The logo must be placed in the menu or on the landing page’s cover (first screen).

● The selling header should keep the user on the landing page.

● The unique selling proposition (USP) must meet the customer’s need.

● A detailed description of the services and their advantages (triggers) should set you apart from the competitors and answer the questions, “Why are you better than others?” and “Why should I buy your service?”

● Include a call-to-action (CTA) to make the potential customer leave his or contact information or pay for the service.

A template for a free landing page for hotels will help put things into perspective to make the LP user-friendly.

Some extra elements can help increase the LP’s conversion. For example, a call-to-action is profitable if the LP consists of five or six screens. Photos and promo videos are highly recommended in the hotel business. Reviews are also desirable.

Other travel landing pages have similar requirements, but of course, each niche has something unique.

The Best Free Hotel Website Templates

Luxury Hotel

This template contains video-excursions, a booking form, reviews, and links to the mobile app with the same options.

View demo:

Royal Food

Royal Food provides an effective and bright depiction of the full spectrum of services. It is mobile responsive and offers a great hover effect and other visual effects.

View demo:


The huge slider on Hotelica attracts the customer’s attention immediately. The menu options below highlight all the special features, and the room section allows you to show photos of the interiors, prices, and other information.

More info:

Travel Asia

The gradient color scheme of this template matches the newest trends in digital marketing. A block of forms is arranged in a tabbed interface, and a static title and CTA button are on the first screen. The page is well-structured and leads the potential customer right through to booking.

View demo:


This single-page template boasts a glamorous gradient effect. The static title with the CTA button is visible immediately. Then you see the block to show the facilities and their advantages. There is also a block that gives users the ability to make a package of their own.

View demo:

How to Choose the Best Free Hotel Landing Page Template

The template should be full-featured and fit the topic. Otherwise, you’ll have problems filling it with content. You should be able to remove or delete images, titles, text, and buttons, but be ready to pay a web-developer a tidy sum.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a free hotel website template:

● Blocks for meals, apartments, and other services

● A search bar to find the specs of apartments, dates, etc. and to verify availability

● Buttons for getting more information

● A service section to display images and text about the services

● A slider to place triggers, discounts, and other punches

● Video support

● A photo gallery for rooms and prices

Stylish, interactive, and free hotel landing pages templates will work in the travel niche only if you take care to create unique content (text and images) and a fruitful marketing strategy. LPs in the hotel business do a great job because customers always want to see the interiors and property; they are not going to buy something without knowing its value.

If you can’t find a good template, you can create your own. But be careful — it’s very difficult and quite expensive. Creation cost at least $1,000. Of course, this price can be lower and can be higher; it just depends on the quality of the worker you hire.