“Creating Bricks” A Look Inside The Lego Movie

“Creating Bricks” is a short video about the making of The Lego Movie, as it includes interview snippets with directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord as well as some contributing animators discussing their production experiences.

To build the expansive toy world, the filmmakers evoked their own childhood nostalgia and aimed to create a realistic interpretation of the block pieces. Everything seen onscreen from buildings to explosions, fire, smoke and water, was made of animated bricks.

The same lighting and camera angles that would be used in big-budget Hollywood films were also utilized, to the point where every single frame of the movie could be built as a set in real life. The film also incorporates a hybrid of mixed media such as macro-photography and CG to make the blocks’ movements look like stop-motion animation. Check out the video above for the behind-the-scenes look.