Cool Office Designs & Workspaces for Inspiration 2

Workspaces, whether they be functional, minimal or colourful are the starting point of every new project.
As a freelancer it’s always thrilling to setup your workspace.

In this series we showcase inspirational office workspaces to help you design your own office. This series is meant to help you enhance your own workspace by looking at others who have customised their workspace to fit their needs.

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Setup by” @martinevdzwaag



Setup by: @julie_eye_see



Setup by: @joeycariano




Setup by: @gofitjo




Setup by: @annika_design


Setup by: @alexetiawan_



Setup by: @itsmassive


Setup by: @artchang


Setup by: @fredrikrisvik



Setup by: @brandingbytonik


Setup by: @ultralinx


Setup by: @sarahlissmith


📷 – @nielsonderwater

📷 – @seonminyoo

📷 – @seanomiller

📷 – @ultralinx

📷  – @josine89

📷 – u/SgtDeathAdder

📷 – @joeycariano



📷 – @tinalkeen

📷 – @andyhqtran

📷 – @joshuamartinstudios

📷 – genesiswestcoast

📷 – @nicolay.t

📷 – Kiminero

📷 – @heidilouisedavies

📷 – @sebastiaanchia

📷 – Yazeed_2D


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