The Changing Face Of Mobile Gaming

Technology is changing the face of gaming for the better. It’s no longer confined to desktop computers or laptops with wireless mouses like the one from Gear Hungry, which means that the scope for different types of games is huge, and the audience is, too. Gone are the days where the extent of gaming on your phone started and ended with Snake. The graphics are far better, and the variety is, too.

It’s Quite Literally Mobile

One of the reasons that mobile gaming is so successful is because of the sheer amount of people in the market. The majority of Americans own a smartphone, with 77% currently tapped into the market. This figure is rising year on year.

A large number of the games that are available can be used through apps, which makes them even more of a viable “on the go” option. Apps allow for better internet connectivity while providing simple and attractive interfaces to make them far more approachable. Some of these apps don’t require a data connection at all, which is perfect for continued play, even when you’re in a blackspot, traveling, or simply out of data.

Gaming has become convenient, and less time-consuming. It can now be done anytime, anywhere, thanks to advancements in technology.

There Are So Many Options

Every niche is catered to. From the people who want to play games designed especially for their cell phone, such as Candy Crush on the subway, to people who want to play the kinds of games they do play on their consoles on their mobile devices, there’s no “profile” of a mobile gamer, because everyone has a space to play the game they prefer.

iGaming is one particular style which has seen a huge take up across the board. There are now an abundance of sites offering everything from bingo to casino style games. Many of these are themed, and many offer players real-money bonuses or pay-outs, which acts as an incentive. Of course, with choices, you often find confusion, but luckily, there is help available on that front as well. Review sites show you the best options to choose when it comes to your particular needs.

It Can Be Geolocation-Specific

Geolocation is now adding an interesting new twist to mobile gaming, if the continued success of 2016’s Pokémon Go is anything to go by. Recent updates have kept the game from going stale, with raid battles promoting a “social” aspect, while location affects the features of the actual game. For example, players in Australia can catch Kangaskhan, a region-locked Pokémon, while Europeans are the only ones who can access one called Mr. Mime.

The possibilities of augmented reality games do not stop there. There is now talk of a similar style of game in the works for another major franchise – Harry Potter.

What’s Next?

With the pace that things are currently moving, it’s difficult to say exactly what’s next for the industry. However, one thing is for sure – we will be progressing forwards in every area, from graphics, through to usability. The future will be interesting indeed.