15+ Best LG V30 Cases and Covers

Before getting your hands on any kind of phone case, it is very important for you to carry out extensive research about the one that will suit your lg v30 smartphone without any issues. Apart from having all the necessary qualities, you will also need to get one that appeals to your personal taste since, as its common knowledge, everyone comes with their fair share of preferences.

Apart from the quality as well as preference, another factor you need to check out is the price of the phone case you want. In as much as they cost differently, it means that there are those we are comfortable with basing on what we can afford. Without further ado, here are fifteen phone case types that might, in the end, tickle your fancy:

1. SUPCASE LG V30 Case

This lg v30 lifeproof case has been designed to perfectly fit the lg v30, v35, v35 ThinQ, v30s and v35 thin. And the most beautiful thing about it is that you can also have easy access to the ports without a struggle. Just like the lg v30 case otterbox (which will be discussed next), the SUPCASE LG V30 Case comes with a sporty design.

Its premium soft TPU and PC materials not only allow the ports to be covered when not in use but also block the rest of your device from dust and other kinds of debris. For convenience, the case comes with a 360-degree swiveling belt clip holster. It also has dual layer protection complete with an inbuilt screen protector. Finally, you can get this case for as little as $20.00.

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2. OtterBox Symmetry Series Slim Case for LG V30 & LG V30 Plus

This is another one of the cases that are considered as the official lg v30 official case because of its incredible features that come with it. Just like the lg v30 case spigen, you can always count on this phone case to be stylish and at the same time pocket-friendly.

Besides being 100% authentic, it comes with a lifetime warranty, which only goes to show that the case is of the highest quality. Your touchscreen is always protected thanks to its dual-material construction.

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3. AnoKe Ultra [Slim Thin] Hybrid Shock Absorption LG V30 Case

Despite not coming with the all-important lg v30 waterproof case, you can always count on the protection that this particular case has to offer. First things first, its design is particularly user-friendly, meaning its lightweight with carbon fibers to keep your phone protected from any kind of impact.

It also comes with a drop air resistant air sac sink. Google search for the best lg v30 case amazon for any authentic cases and you won’t be disappointed at any given moment. Finally, you can get this incredibly amazing phone cover for as little as $6.99 on Amazon.

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4. Incipio LGE-366-RBK LG V30 Case

The Incipio LGE-366-RBK LG V30 Case is considered as one of those lg v30 cases best buy and it is so with very good reason. Despite not having the incredibly beautiful and protective lg v30 leather case, everything about this case is protection oriented.

For starters, its rigid plextonium shell coupled with silicone core plays a very important role in the absorption of any kind of shock. Its design is also as stylish as it is protective and that’s exactly why you ought to check it out as soon as you can. It also comes in red and black, meaning you can choose the color that tickles your fancy.

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5. Ringke [Onyx] Compatible with LG V30 Case

If you are looking for the perfect lg v30+ lifeproof case then I suggest you check out the Ringke [Onyx] Compatible with LG V30 Case. This lifeproof lg v30 case comes with a lifted camera bezel as well as a raised lip for screen protection. The bottom of this case is also incredible in the sense that it’s strategically cut out to ensure easy access to all of the ports.

Its anti-slip TPU material will also go a long way in preventing the phone from falling and increasing the damage on your phone. The case is also fine, flexible and thin, which makes it quite easy to handle while being pretty to look at.

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6. SPARIN Dual Layer Black Tough Phone Case for LG V30

The SPARIN Dual Layer Black Tough Phone Case for LG V30 is considered as one of the few cute lg v30 cases on the market today. Therefore, if you are looking for a case that’ll look good on your phone and at the same time protect it, then the SPARIN Dual Layer Black Tough Phone Case for LG V30 is the way to go.

Besides looking incredibly great, this phone case has cutouts that are so precise which makes the speaker, microphone and their ilk fit quite perfectly. The hardcover material (made of TPU and PC) will do a great job in protecting your phone from scratches, hence making this among the best lg v30 case in the market just like its lg v30 otterbox defender case cousin.

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7. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case for LG V30

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case has a lot of similarities to the otterbox lg v30 symmetry as well as lg v30 otterbox commuter features (feel free to make a comparison at lg v30 otterbox amazon and be amazed). As far as their features are concerned, the case comes with a 1.00 mm lip raise for screen protection.

The case also comes with raised buttons which will, in turn, increase the button response which will make the usage of your lg v30 a tad easier. A further 2.0 mm raise around the camera area allows for a maximum camera bezel protection. The stylish case is also made of hard PC and TPU material which absorbs shock from impact while protecting the phone from scratches.

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8. J&D Case Compatible for LG V35 Case, LG V35 ThinQ/LG V30S/LG V30S ThinQ/LG V30/LG V30 Plus Case

To achieve drop resistance, the makers of this amazingly stylish case made sure that the bumper is fortified enough to be shock absorbent. The material is made of strong PC and TPU which offer all-around protection from scratches and drops. The only downside of this phone casing is that it only fits the 2017 lg v30 only.

If you are looking for a good J&D Case, just like it’s the case with a good lg v30 otterbox best buy yours from Amazon. Or even better, get yours just like you’d get your otterbox lg v30 plus an authentic lg v30 otterbox Walmart cover from Walmart. This is simply because the prices will not only be affordable but your chances of getting an authentic phone case are very high.

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9. i-Blason LG V30 Case

This case comes with the same heavy duty protection as the lg v30 wood case but only with a stylish clear back. Some of the features of this specific phone case include an inbuilt screen protector and a damage resistant clear back. It also comes in blue, for those who love everything in blue.

You can either get this case affordably at lg v30 phone case amazon or lg v30 case Walmart depending on whatever you feel will end up floating your boat when all is said and done. You can get an original one for an affordable $19.99 or less.

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10. Spigen Liquid Crystal LG V30 Case

One feature that stands out as far as this case is concerned is the outstanding spigen lg v30 tough armor. With this lg v30 case tough armor, your precious phone will always be protected from scratches as well as damage by falling and so forth. It is, therefore, an important thing for you to get the authentic one and you’ll most certainly be good to go.

This casing will also allow for you to have access to all the ports quite comfortably while the full bumper case keeps your phone protected at all times. And if you don’t like the blue color, you can choose from the remaining three color options or even better, go for the spigen neo hybrid lg v30 case if you wish.

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11. Zizo Static Series Shockproof LG V30 Case

The Zizo, as its popularly referred to as, utilizes the impact dispersion technology to ensure that it’s shockproof. The kickstand cases also allow for incredible versatility, meaning you can get to use your phone however you feel like. Thankfully, the case also happens to be compatible with both the lg v30 as well as the lg v35 ThinQ.

This particular lg v30 phone case comes in two color variations which are blue and black, all depending on your personal preferences of course. If you have no idea as to where you can start, how about checking out the internet for lg v30 case near me or simply go for the best lg v30 phone case Walmart has to offer and you’ll be sorted in a jiffy.

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12. Clayco LG V30 Case

The Clayco is most definitely in the lg g7 case best buy list simply because of its amazing features it comes with. For starts, the front cover comes complete with an in-built screen protector. As if that’s not all, its slim design ensures that you are in a position to use it without any inconveniences at all which is nothing short of amazing.

There are quite a number of options for buying this kind of convenient phone case. You can either get the lg v30 best buy Verizon or Amazon has to offer which is affordable. Or, you can just get the lg v30 best buy unlocked which might come in at a cheaper price.

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13. Spigen Rugged Armor LG V30 with Resilient Shock Absorption and Carbon Fiber Design

Instead of having the protective lg v30 leather wallet case, the Spigen Rugged Armor phone case comes with a carbon fiber design. This carbon fiber design does an incredible job of protecting the phone from falling or breaking.

This lg v30 case also comes with tactical buttons which will give you an easier time operating your phone unlike ordinary phone cases in the market. And just like the olixar leather wallet case for lg v30, this phone case comes with an air cushion technology which is great for shock absorption purposes.

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14. Ringke [Fusion] Compatible with LG V30 Case

The Ringke is way more than an lg v30 case with built-in screen protector. This lg v30+ case also has a TPU bumper with active touch technology which makes it easy for you to access the keyboard. The advanced 2X clearness coating makes the phone a tad less bulky hence easy to carry out. It also supports Qi wireless charging is just one of the many caseology lg v30 technology compliance available.

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15. SKINU LG V30 Wallet Case

By acquiring this type of case, you’ll get a Micro USB type C and an optional mirror enclosed within the case. A diamond pattern shock absorption and an anti-scratch casing with non-slip matter surface. The casing also doubles up as an excellent shock absorber which will only go a long way in boosting the life of your phone.

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There are quite a number of incredibly reliable and cleverly designed phone cases listed above. But before you decide on the one that tickles your fancy, you’ll have to check out each and every one of them. Doing so will go a long way in finding whatever your phone needs and at the same time, tickles your fancy.

In the event that you are having any issues finding the right casing for your lg v30 or lg v30 case with built in screen protector, then asking your customer care agents for their advice wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Their advice is not only on the money but, well, it’s always free. But if you choose from any of the 15 phone cases mentioned above, you will most certainly be covered at all times!