Backlink Checker: Generate Organic Traffic for Your Site

The most critical features that search engines look in your websites include backlinks of your web pages. Some of you might be aware of this term, and for some, it might be a new one. Backlinks are the links that are included in some other websites, and by clicking them, they lead to your webpage.

Backlink has different names around the globe, but the names do not affect its significance in the success of your web pages; these are incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and citations. These links influence the performance of your webpage in the search engine result pages, it depends on the quality as well as the number of links your website comprises of.

You must have an idea what the ranking by the search engines like Google means to you. By having a detailed profile of the links of your website or any website you might be able to improve and get what you desire for. It primarily will enable you to see the position where you currently are standing and might aid you to take steps for the position you want to reach.

Now you might be curious about the way through which you can gain information about the backlinks. I have gone through several methods and tried to get the details of inbound links, but the most convenient approach for me has been the free Backlink Checker by

Backlink Checker: Quick Way to Know Your Backlink Profile

Backlink Checker has been designed, keeping the importance of a good link profile in mind. It helps you to avail the information regarding inbound links and use it grow your SEO and organic traffic. Using a free tool, you can get the details of the backlinks free of cost. By copy/pasting the link (URL) of a website in the backlink checker you will be able to have the information regarding backlinks of the given page.

Backlink does not provide you just with the information of the number of backlinks but enables you to see more than that due to the integration with Ahrefs and to give you the premier results. By just submitting a URL and clicking on “Check Backlinks”, you instantly get the results. It shows the anchor text that are being written in the incoming link, Ahref domain rating of the domain of citation is also shown to us by Backlink checker, the type of link whether it is a follow link or a Nofollow link is mentioned and provides us with the choice to check the rating of the URL of the website by Ahref.

In addition, it also helps us to review the organic keywords, organic traffic, the aggregate number of IPs referring to the website, and the domain range score of the site that we enter in the tool. Not every tool available to see backlinks give us this much information. This is one of the reasons I prefer using Backlink checker of SST.

Use the Backlink Information to Grow Your Traffic

The results you get by backlink checker can be utilized in different manners. So first of all, by checking the backlinks from this too, you will be able to follow and discover the links from where your links are coming. Moreover, you will be allowed to perform an analysis of the backlinks of the web pages and can audit it for any other site too.

By seeing the backlinks details in the results, you will be enabled to know if the page content is performing better than others. The keywords that are bringing you most of the backlinks can also be identified after using backlink checker. The best thing you can do after you get results from backlink checker is that the profile of backlinks of your competitive site can also be available to you so you can examine the links that are helping it and can work on your backlinks by strategizing. It will help you to improve the quality of the incoming links which further will assist in building up the search engine optimization, it will be growing your traffic and will enable you to get the success in less time. Hence, Backlink Checker is a tool, highly recommended for everyone.