Avenir Font Family Free Download

If you’re into web design, graphic design or print design then you must have eared about Avenir Font Family. A design worker we always need some awesome fonts to make your body copy more attractive. Thinking about perfect typography, a lot of font always come to my mind and you can be sure Avenir font is one of them.

As you know Avenir font family is used worldwide. Most of the top designers used Avenir font, and may use it again and again in the future, so if you may be one of them you are in the right place because you can grab it here for free.

Avenir Font Family Free Download

In 1988 Swiss font designer Adrian Frutiger came with the idea of Avenir font style after spending many years finding inspiration in sans serif typefaces. As said by himself, he felt the obligation to design a linear sans just like Futura Font or Erbar in an internet of Linotype, but keeping in mind the stylistic developments of the twentieth century.

Font Avenir
Category Sans-serif
Format OTF
File Size 1MB

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