9 Tips for Success from Sean P.Diddy Combs

Sean Combs mostly known as P.Diddy is a music producer, rapper, entrepreneur we gathered his best tips for success. He started his career as an intern at Uptown records and had signed Jodeci and Mary J Blige on the label. He had been fired in 1993. Since that he founded Bad Boy records mostly known for it’s lead artist The Notorious B.I.G.


Diddy is now number 1 of Forbes 5 hip-hop wealthiest artists just before his peers Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Shawn “Jay Z” Carter. His net worth is something around $750 M thanks mostly to his Ciroc vodka brand, his TV network Revolt, clothing line Sean John and alkaline water Aquahydrate.

So when it comes to success and wealth Diddy have done his homework, here are some of his life advices.

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1- Believe in yourself

Believe in you dreams, believe in your ability to realize them will help you find a way to accomplish them no mater where you start. Of course this will require effort, patience and endurance but it will be worth it.

Believe…never lose faith. Only you can make the impossible, possible…so prove the world wrong.


2- Know what you want and where you want to go

For most people it’s hard to achieve their dreams because of fear. Fear paralize them so they do not allow themselves to dream and to think they can do what they dream of. But time on this earth is short, nobody lives forever so don’t waste your time because of fear and dare to dream and define what you really want.

The earlier you know what you want to do in life , the greater your chances of success will be because you will have more time.

3- Love what you do and do what you love

If you love your job, what you do for a living you will be passionate and motivated to wake up, dress up, and never give up. And more important, you will be happy and you won’t be running after money.

I want to have a cultural impact. I want to be an inspiration , showing people what they can do.

3- Keep focused on your dreams


By remaining focused on your dreams, you will always see the solutions to obstacles in your life and that way you will reach your goal.

I’ve always been a dreamer. When other kids were playing , I listened to the roar in Yankee Stadium – I am always attracted by the noise of the crowd

4- Learn from the best

If you want to succeed in your business, the best thing to do is to follow the advice of people who have been most successful than you in this field, and if it’s possible, work with them to feed yourself with their knowledge and get inspired  by their experience.

When I decided I wanted to be an actor, I said I wanted to work with the best actors and filmmakers.

5- Understand success does not come without failure

Walt Disney was fired from a magazine for his lack of imagination and original ideas , it seems unreal now but if he had stopped on that day, none of his masterpieces would have seen the light … Do not stop because of failures, they are part of learning and you will find the way that suits you to succeed.

Everyone has challenges and lessons to learn we would not be who we are without them.

6- Be brave


You would better overcome your fears and push your limits rather than having regrets not having dared to try .

I do not believe in fear – I live my life without regrets.

7- Always keep a sense of reality

When you begin a new activity , be aware of your starting point and keep an interest in what already exists , the competition will help you make a difference.

It is good to have a little bit of madness, but don’t be mad.

8- Understand sacrifices needed to fullfill your dreams

To achieve your dreams , you will have to deserve them. The path will not be easy , discipline , effort, sacrifices will be needed. Remember to make efforts at the level of excellence you want to achieve ! #nopainnogain

People of all lifestyles and all over the world turn to me and look at my humble beginnings and know that everything I have accomplished is the result of hard work. People respect me as a negotiator and a brand builder.