8 ways design companies can make an impact in 2020

In a world where design companies are booming it’s important to put yourself on the market by choosing the right strategies. You want to show your uniqueness to convince prospects of your worth. In this post you can find eight ways to market your company and make an impact in 2020.

1. Make a portfolio site

It’s vital new and existing clients can see your work. And the best way to showcase your design is through a website of course! Make sure the style represents your brand and also demonstrates what you can do for your client. This way, customers can get a feel for your work. Out of the box website builders like Squarespace make this easier than it’s ever been to quickly showcase your company’s work.

2. Add a blog to your design portfolio website

A blog is the best way to give clients a look behind the scenes. Give them value by writing about topics that matter to them. By creating value and helping them on their way, you will build a relationship. People start to trust you and your expertise and are more likely to hire you in the end.

3. Showcase client testimonials

Where giving people information is a part of building trust, having testimonials on your site will ensure you convince them to buy. When looking for a product to purchase, how often do you read other people’s opinions on the product before deciding? And if the product gets a lot of good reviews, you’re probably more likely to buy, no? It’s the same for service-based products. Get your previous clients to leave you a review, because it’ll help you get new ones.

4. Print a magazine showing your portfolio

Want a more unique way to show people your designs? Then you can choose to print your entire portfolio magazine style. It’s an uncommon way to promote your business and people will be curious to see what else you’ve got to offer. You can pick a printing service to help you with your booklet printing and mail your unique portfolio to prospects.

5. Write and design an ebook

Instead of a real paper magazine, you can choose to put out an online version. By writing an ebook that you design yourself, you can again show off what you’ve got to offer. And just like blogging, you give your clients valuable information through text. All while you show off your design skills by having a nice format for your ebook.

6. Offer a free webinar

Simply another way to give your clients value and build a relationship of trust. Using a webinar can be especially useful because your prospects can see your face and get to know you a little better. Putting a face to an online presence creates a bond, connection. And when you finally pitch your service, people are more easily convinced to invest.

7. Use social media

Social media is a great tool to build an audience filled with possible buyers. You can show off your style and portfolio effortlessly. Make some custom graphics that you can post and make sure to answer your comments to create interaction!

8. Develop relationships with clients

Last, but definitely not least: keep up with your clients! By investing into your work relationships you will have recurring buyers. But not only that, word of mouth goes quickly. Before you know it, existing customers will bring in new ones and your design company is booming!

With these eight useful tips, it’ll be a piece of cake to make an impact in 2020 with your design company!

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