7 Landing Page Design Essentials That Boost Conversion Rates

If you are looking to improve your conversion rate, the first thing you need to look into are your landing pages. Research by Hubspot indicates that companies with 10 to 15 landing pages are able to generate 55% more leads, and if they have 40 or more landing pages, they get 12 times more leads than companies that have five or less landing pages. In fact, landing pages are so crucial that it’s pretty much pointless to run any paid marketing campaign without them, because they are such revenue generators.

For example, you can set up separate landing pages for mobile, which should help you track traffic more accurately and address a very specific audience. That being said, only 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign, and even those that do, implement poor practices, such as including multiple offers and not doing any testing. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on seven landing page design essential that you should implement in order to improve your conversion rates. Keep on reading for more information.

1. One Purpose Per Landing Page

One of the most effective conversion rate optimization techniques you should implement on your landing pages is having just one purpose per landing page. If you have designed a landing page to get users to subscribe to your emailing list, then use it just for that. Don’t get tempted to sell them your product at the same time. According to Jennifer Sommers, who works as a marketer for Brill Assignment, they have tried something similar on one of their landing pages. While they have managed to grab a few extra clients, a much larger number of them have just passed on their offer altogether.

2. Make Sure Your CTA Is as Clear as Possible

One of the tips shared by James Connor, who is a marketing manager for Scholar Advisor, is to make your CTA as visible as possible. Once you have gotten your followers to one of your landing pages, you should make sure that they’re 100% clear on what their next step should be. We aren’t just talking about the copy of the CTA, that goes without saying, but also about the design of the CTA button itself. Make use of contrasting colors, put it front and center, and make it visible even as the user is scrolling down the page.

3. Reduce the Number of Possible Actions

This is pretty much a continuation of the previous point, but with a slight difference. In addition to making your CTA stand out, you should also limit the number of actions that are available for the user to take. For instance, according Stephen Walsh, who works as a manager for College-Paper, their company was able to improve their conversion rate by almost 80%, by simply removing the navigation bar on their landing pages. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should do the exact same thing for every page, but do make sure to weigh each action and see if they are equally important as your CTA.

4. Include Social Proof

These days, customers are more shopping-savvy than ever, which means they are less inclined to believe in what the seller is telling them. But, if they were to hear the same from one of the influencers, other reputable companies, or even their peers on social media, they would be much more willing to go along with what is requested of them on your landing pages. This means you should include social proof on some of your landing pages in order to bolster your credibility. It can be something as simple as rounding up a bunch of user testimonials or industry reviews and featuring them on the page.

5. Upsell Your Product

One of the most efficient ways to improve your revenue is to upsell your products. For instance, if you are selling digital cameras, it would be great if you could include additional gear, such as lenses, filters, memory cards, battery grips, and/or tripods. This will not only increase the value of your audience’s purchases, but you will also improve customer experience, since they won’t have to browse your website in order to find items which are complementary. Average conversion rate is about 2.35%, and you can get that number to about 5%, but increasing the value of customer orders works just as well.

6. Feature Video

Videos can help you improve your conversion rate by as much as 80%. And the best thing about video is that you can do all of the things we have listed above with it, including demonstration of your product, what the action will entail, social proof, and even a CTA which matches your CTA on your landing page. The reason why video is not used more often is not just because it’s trickier to produce than other types of content, but also because it’s difficult to find a good balance between providing value and persuading your customers, and making sure that it’s not too distracting at the same time.

7. Provide Customer Incentives

Once your target audience has reached one of your landing pages where you are selling your products, you can use that opportunity to offer them an incentive in the shape of a discount for one of your other products, free samples, or even some free stuff of they decide to purchase your product within a limited period of time. Make sure that these offers are exclusive to those customers which have reached your landing page. This will increase the value of the order and your revenue as a result.


Although there are plenty of other things you can implement into the design of your landing pages, these seven elements are the most effective ones when it comes to improving your conversion rate and your bottom line. Start optimizing your landing pages today and you will be able to see the benefits in no time. Good luck!

Article written by Scott Mathews:

Scott Mathews is a writer and content manager for services such as Best Dissertation and A-Writer.com. In addition to his regular work, he also contributes to numerous other blogs. He likes to spend his free time playing guitar, doing photography, and going on trips with his wife and children.