6 Warning Signs That You Need New Windows

The way windows and glass are manufactured has changed over the years. Modern windows are not only energy efficient, but they also come in many varieties to suit your home’s style. Windows are an important addition to any home, so here are five warning signs that you need new windows.

1. Condensation On Your Windows

One of the most obvious signs you need new windows is visible condensation on the inside of your window panes. This is an indicator that your windows are not keeping out the outside air, causing moisture to form on the inside of the glass panes. This can cause mold to grow, and mold causes organic materials such as wood to rot, causing further issues. Not to mention mold can be a health hazard in large quantities.

Condensation also means that you’re probably losing heat (or cold air in the summer) through your window. Windows can fail for many reasons, including age and damage, but no matter what the cause, if you find that you’ve got condensation on your windows, it may be time to replace them.

2. You Can Feel That Winter Breeze In Your Living Room

When the snow falls and the cold air begins to blow, you should not be feeling the bite of it in your living room. Windows that have a draft should be replaced as soon as possible, not only to save your living room from becoming a winter wonderland but also to save your heating bills from running your wallet dry.

A drafty window can rack up those heating costs as your furnace struggles to heat the home when all of the warm air keeps leaking out. If you have more than one leaky window, you’ll end up shelling out some cash in replacement windows cost, but it’s well worth the investment. Wasted energy is always more expensive in the long run as a recurring expense.

3. The Wooden Frame Around Your Windows Is Wet Or Cracked

When the wood begins to decay, you’ll probably see cracks or bumps on the surface of the wood (and even some mold if there’s a moisture issue). This is usually an indicator of dry rot, which can happen from age and dry conditions, or alternatively, you could have a humidity or condensation issue due to faulty windows.

Dry rot and mold both spread rapidly and aggressively and can end up having a much greater effect on your home than simply making your window frames displeasing to look at. Rot and mold can spread to the interior of your walls, siding, and much more. If you notice any of these signs on your wooden window frames, consult a professional company or contractor to get those windows replaced ASAP.

4. The Obvious Damage

Often a simple crack in the window pane is not enough to warrant an entire window replacement, but if the frame, the glass, and the opening mechanisms are all damaged, you may want to consider replacements.


Besides the obvious eyesore that cracked or damaged windows can cause, they also allow outside air in, and that comfortable inside air to escape. Cracks and broken frames can affect the functionality of your windows and make them hard to open and close, which can be a hazard in the event of a fire.

Sometimes a new glass pane or locking mechanism is all it takes to fix a broken window, but when the damage is so great that repairs become impossible, consider your options and start shopping for some replacements to increase your home’s value and livability.

5. Your Energy Bills Are Off The Charts

If you notice your energy bills skyrocketing with each new winter, you might want to take a look at your windows as the cause of your home’s inability to stay insulated. Energy efficient windows can cut your energy bills dramatically, while simultaneously adding value to your home.

When considering your options, consider your location, budget, and the style of your home.

Do you need highly insulated windows because you live in an area with harsh winters? Or are you more focused on dampening the sun’s heating effects during those brutal summer heat waves? Where you live can impact what you need in your replacement windows. Cost can also be a factor.

Investing in new windows should be a one-time event for the lifetime of your home, whereas high energy bills are a recurring monthly expense that can add up quickly over the years. Be sure to consult with professionals before deciding what kind of windows you need so that you get what you need while staying within your budget.

6. Excess Noise

Windows insulate your home from more than just the elements, they also act as a sound barrier to unwanted noises such as lawn mowers or leaf blowers. If you find that your home is constantly invaded by what seems to be an excess of high decibel noises, new windows could be the answer to the problem.

Older windows don’t insulate noise or temperature as well, and some are so thin it’s like there’s no window at all. Protect your hearing and your peace of mind by installing modern windows to help deaden outside noise and create a calm atmosphere in your home.

Some Things To Remember

There are replacement windows to fit every budget; whether you need just one or multiple windows, a good investment can go a long way. If you think it’s time to replace your windows because you’ve noticed any of the five warning signs, take some time to research what will match your home’s needs as well as your own tastes.