6 Powerful Design tools to Watch out for

Web designing is an ever evolving process. New web design trends and tools keep making their way with the passing time. As a web designer, your job is not only to prepare an effective design, but you have to share your ideas with your front-end developer and clients and for that you want a better way to create mockups. The web designers and developers now work more collaboratively with one another. So you need Web design tools to make it more effective.

Here is a list of most powerful design tools you can’t afford to ignore using if you are looking for an improved web design process:

1. Avocode

Avocode is a great design tool it acts as a bridge between the developers and the designers. It enables you to easily export your Photoshop and Sketch designs, with all components and layers kept in place. As a designer, you can focus on the designing process completely and need not waste your time in creating style guides or update them. A developer can easily get all the specifications directly from your design in Avocode. It is one of the most flexible design tools that works equally well on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

2. Form

The Form is not like a normal design tool in that there’s no tools or layers palette. Utilizing the application feels like a blend of code and design. You can embed the graphics and use what Form calls “patches” to include interactions while it does not allow you to really create them. The Mac application obliges you to likewise utilize the iOS application so you can see your model continuously and cooperate with it.

It enables you to create prototypes for a range of devices and then add all the necessary interactive and animation effects. You can also download a number of prototypes and demos from the Form website.

3. UXPin

It is a prototyping and wireframing tool. You can create high-fidelity interactive prototypes as well as low-fidelity wireframes using this tool. Moreover, it enables you to add some amazing features to your prototypes. These can be animated navigation drawers, fading menus or animated carousels, and fading menus. You can add icons and images with simple drag and drop. It also provides you flexibility to choose from a number of pre-built templates. It enables you to Manage your entire UX design process even if you are using photoshop.

4. WebFlow

Webflow takes somewhat of a simpler way to deal with wireframing and prototyping by getting rid of the drawing tools and rather giving you access to some drag-drop components. It is loaded with a number of free and premium templates from which you can choose to develop your prototype. You can design fully responsive websites using Webflow. You can build an amazing design for your content and your clients of teammates can easily update the content anytime.

5. Pixate

Pixate is a useful design tool which allows you to build a realistic mobile app and mobile-first website prototypes without writing any code. It supports audio and video assets in the prototypes. It comes with a with a drag and drop interaction and animation panel. You can create a design on your desktop by connecting your iOS or Android mobile device to it and preview the design on your device. It enables you to generate 100% native prototypes and you can share these prototypes with your clients to make them experience it on their device. It enables you with a smoother and accurate shift-drag resizing. It is a powerful design tool and you can enjoy using it for free.

6. Atomic

Atomic is another powerful web design tool. It enables you to create designs in your browser easily on your PC or Mac. It allows you to import designs from Photoshop and add interactive elements to these designs. It enables you to create automatic transitions, then crafts individual elements using the advanced motion timeline. You can easily preview your prototypes on any device. It enables you with an amazing feature of going through your design history. You can check the changes you made at any time and start working again from any point. It also makes it possible for you to make you teammates understand about your design process.

These tools are very effective and enable you to work with web design prototypes, sketches, and wireframes. Moreover, they help you to collaborate with your teammates and clients more effectively.

About the author:
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