5 Great Gaming Apps of 2018

Mobile gaming apps have come a long way over the past decade alongside the vast improvement and development of smart phones. In fact, there are now over 20 million monthly active mobile gamers in the UK, of which 6.2 million play on their smart phones daily. Today, these games are much more sophisticated and interactive than their prehistoric counterparts, from the likes of the much loved Snake, Space Invaders and Pac-man; these games have been replaced by the likes of Candy Crush saga, Subway Surfers and Temple Run, which were rated as the most popular android games in the UK in 2017.

2018 has been another great year for gaming apps with more choice than ever before. Here are 5 great gaming apps you should check out this summer.

Wink Bingo’s Mobile Bingo App

The Wink Bingo app is the number one bingo app and is ideal for getting your bingo fix on the go! It has all of the latest bingo and slot games in one place, allowing you to access your favourite bingo games whenever and wherever you are. Find your bingo favourites from 75 Ball, 90 Ball and 5 line bingo or pre-buy your bingo ticket ahead of time for those days when you’re busy.

The Wink Bingo app also features a great variety of slot games, including favourites such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Fluffy Favourites. It’s a wink win situation! And for those that are new to the world of Bingo games, you can also play Free Bingo just for fun.

Wink Bingo are long-established gaming industry leaders and are guaranteed to provide you with top jackpot prizes and exciting promotions. It’s available on all mobile and tablet devices, just simply download from your app store then start playing straight away! What’s more, when you deposit for the first time you can expect to receive as much as 200% extra cash bonus to use on all of your favourite games. Wink Bingo is easy to use and is one of the top gaming apps of 2018, so give it a go!

Toca Life: City

Toca life: City is the perfect app for those who love games where they can create their own virtual reality! Explore the oriental themed metropolis as your very own customizable character, visiting new and exciting locations and uncover hidden treasures in every corner. Your Toca life can be anything you imagine it to be, with over 24 characters to choose from and a variety of locations to experience Toca life. Each location features different activities and elements to interact with, allowing you to live the life you daydream about!

Toca Life: City is the ultimate customizable game and offers a unique experience for each player. You don’t need to a have a certain gamer profile to play this virtual reality game; you are whatever you imagine!

Toca Life: City is part of the Tocal Life series including Toca Town, Toca Life: City, Toca Life: Vacation, Toca Life: office, Toca Life: Stable and more exciting settings! To view the full range, search for the Toca Life Complete Bundele in the app store, available on both Iphone and android.

Board Games Lite

Board Games Lite is an ideal app for lovers of traditional board games who want to play on the go, but without the counters flying everywhere! Board Games Lite has been developed by Lite Games GmbH; a leading games development company based in Germany who have over 25 million downloads internationally.

The app features the top classic board games from Snakes and Ladders to Ludo, Backgammon and Goose’s game. Each game features different board variations, different difficulty levels and allows a custom number of players. It’s designed from ages 4+ and each game can be set to accommodate the age of the player, making it ideal for either family entertainment or your adult board game fix!

Board Games Lite is available on both iPhone and Android and can be played offline once downloaded, meaning there’s no inconvenience, even when you’re in a black-spot, traveling, or simply out of data. Get your classic board game fix and give it a go.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the highest-rated motorsport game on App store. Live out your motorsport fantasies by building your very own motorsport team, make exec decisions including hiring the drivers, assembling the team, developing your car and masterminding your way to glory. The game allows you to guide your team from the bottom of the European racing series all the way to the top by working through contract negotiations, strategy planning and split decision making, designed to keep you on your toes.

This app is available for both IPhone and Android and is definitely one for those up for a challenge!


Oddmar is an Apple Design 2018 Award winner and top action adventure game as well as being listed as an Apple game store’s editor’s choice game. It features the animated character Oddmar. A mythical character that exists in a mythical world of Vikings and allows you to explore vibrantly crafted Nordic lands as you guide him on his epic Viking adventure. Journey through 24 handcrafted levels of physics-based puzzles and platforming challenges and encounter friends and foes on your journey through the magical forests, snowy mountains and treacherous mines.

Oddmar was developed for app game play on the go and is supported by ICloud game saves. Give this top rated game and go and download from your app store now!

So there you have some of the best gaming apps of 2018. The level of graphics and technical challenge has greatly increased in mobile phone gaming over the past couple of years and is barely recognisable compared to the likes of snake! These games present a challenge, immersive HD graphics, impressive virtual worlds and the perfect excuse to escape reality for a little while. Check them out now to find out what you’ve been missing!