38 Cool Business Card Designs for your Inspiration

If you are a regular reader of the blog you should know we love good polished and crispy pixel perfect designs. Also when you find potential clients you need to get ready for making a good first impression and get remembered. That’s exactly when having a cool business card design is crucial.

Do people still use business cards?

Are business cards important?

When writing this piece of content we are in 2019 and most people would probably say in certain fields a business card is irrelevant. As a graphic designer and a web developer I have attended various kinds of events and yes people use business cards a lot even in the tech industry. Business card are a great way to exchange contact information. Also keep in mind people need to be social and exchanging card can be part of a social interaction.

What is the best business card design ?

We have covered this topic several times on the blog and you have elements that are mandatory to a good business card design.

  1. Use your logo / brand / name as the main element
  2. Keep the design clean and simple
  3. Don’t forget essentials: name, title, phone, contact, email, website address
  4. Use readable typography
  5. Don’t use more than 3 colors

A while ago we created a post covering the best business card mockups available around, definitely worth looking at it!

What is the best color for a business card?

The best color for a business card really depends on what field you are working in and what impression you want to make.

  • White for clarity and avoid clutter
  • Black is a formal color and restful
  • Blue is more calming and related to communication, perfect for courses, schools or spas
  • Green reminds safety, growth, wealth, environment.
  • Yellow is joy and happiness perfect for any business
  • Orange is associated with vitality and creativity perfect for food, arts and crafts
  • Pink is a relaxing color with a caring feeling ideal for wellness and charity
  • Brown is earthy, conventional and perfect for business
  • Red is symbolises energy , interest and enthusiasm

What makes a successful business card?

You should only focus on the most useful information about you or your company like your name what you do and how to get in touch with you. Keep it simple, stupid.

How do I choose a business card design?

You should read the section about colors, and then choose a shape, size. last but not least focus on the typography and readability.

Are business cards important?

You need to make a good first impression and when you meet someone new having a business card can add some sense of legitimacy to what you do in a professional manner. And the most important thing your contact leaves you with a piece of paper reminding you and telling them how to contact you later on.

What is the main purpose of a business card?

A business card is part of your branding, this tiny piece of paper can do wonders. Also if you have other pieces of stationery like envelopes or letterheads your business card should have the same branding as your overall business. It’s a piece of paper that bring your business culture to the world.

Great Business Card Designs for your Inspiration