3 Up and Coming Abstract Artists To Watch Out For

Trying to find recommendations for great abstract artists can be a bit tricky because, by definition, the art form can’t be judged by any predefined or rigid criteria – a great abstract painting for one person might be a scrambled mess to another. Thus, we tend to ascribe value to abstract artists based on their overall popularity and acclaim, the depth of their catalogue, and their ability to have their work showcased in premier art galleries. With that said, if you’re looking for the next abstract artist who will probably make waves within their respective styles and niches, check out the following list of the top three up and coming abstract artists that are worth following.

Jessica Hendrickx

Jessica Henrickx is a Dutch visual artist who specialises in creating large modern paintings that can only be described as abstract yet fluid and graceful. There are few upcoming artists that are able to convey this level of spontaneous emotion within conventional abstract paintings. Her style blends a unique combination of vivid colours and cloud-like auras that seamlessly sink into warm and welcoming atmospheric backgrounds. The way each part of the painting seems to jump out at you and rest on its own layer is one of the mesmerising effects that is helping Jessica’s work flourish in the abstract art scene. You can see some of her awe-inspiring work on her official website – LittleLeloo.

Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth is quickly making a name for herself as one of the Bay Area’s most talented abstract artists, with her work being showcased at major venues like Oakland’s famous Interface Gallery. Russell’s’ style is almost a polar opposite of Hendrickx’s, leaning heavily on vertical shapes that are firmly emboldened over lightly painted, contrasting backdrops. She also tends to utilise boldly different colours in arrangements that are almost jarring at times, while also leveraging curves and winding borders to emphasize surrounding free spaces. However, Russell’s affinity for symmetry makes her paintings a bit more logical than the average abstract piece.

John Zabawa

John takes the bold approach of bringing parts of nature into his paintings, with leaf arrays, water splashes, and boulder-like shapes being common themes in his large modern paintings. His organic and simplistic style tends to go against the hypercomplex approach that many abstract artists are taking these days, but many critics and collectors find the straightforwardness refreshing and easy on the eyes. Zabawa’s work has been featured in major art studios like El Rey Court and Slowdown Studio.

Abstract Artists are On the Rise

In today’s fast-paced, all-encompassing world, it seems as if every literal object, person, or place that you can imagine has already been painted or drawn by somebody in the past. Since humans are always searching for something new, abstract art offers the appeal of peeking into the unknown with every glance at a new piece. The unpredictable and free-flowing nature of large abstract paintings also means that viewers are always surprised and artists are always limitless in their ability to expand into or create entirely new styles of expression.