15 Best Vaping Devices under $40 – Buyer’s Guide

Electronic cigarettes have become a kind of trend among adult youth and older generations, as a result – the wealthiest variety of models and brands. The review of the best manufacturers and rating of the most popular electronic cigarettes will help novice vapers to choose the right device, and the experienced will acquaint you with the latest innovations.

Kanger Subox Mini-C

The SuBox Mini-C has a standard “Kanger” design, although in the matter of colors this time the manufacturer went a little further. There are as many as five variants: white, black, silver, silver-gray (more “dull” silver) and “pink gold.” The box-mode works with one removable 18650 battery. SuBox Mini-C requires high-current batteries from 20 A. You can charge the battery either in a separate charger or directly inside the mod via the USB port.


Tesla Terminator Mod

Terminator is a new device from the company Teslacig, which is known for its high-quality and straightforward mods. In this fashion, the manufacturer improved technical characteristics, relative to its predecessors, and offered the vamps a compact, productive and stylish looking electronic cigarette. A unique feature of Terminator is the officially stated mode of the paste, which allows you to inhale vapor and charge at the same time. This is a great rarity for modern devices.


Eleaf iStick Pico 25

The manufacturer has created a body of zinc alloy and plastic, and the insert of the second material is made in a different color (except for the utterly black version). Thanks to this design, the mod looks attractive and original. The device supports the operation in the regime of mechanical mode, in which all the voltage of the battery is supplied to the evaporator without the intervention of the board.



The electronic cigarette Joyetech UNIMAX 25 is equipped with an atomizer, which is protected from leaks. The exclusive TFTA system allows you to conveniently control the flow of air and fill the liquid by turning or removing the top cover. A battery with dual circuit protection provides operation in two modes: direct output and constant voltage. A special “chip” of UNIMAX is removable stickers. They will allow to keep the attractive appearance of the cigarette and change the color.


iCare Mini PCC

It works in mechanical mode. The inclusion occurs automatically when you start to vape. It comes with the iCare Mini PCC docking station which has a built-in 2300 mAh battery for charging the central unit. In the tank there is a LED backlight, signaling its color about the level of battery power.


Eleaf Pico Dual

The new device is a continuation of the ideas of Pico – a removable battery and functional characteristics with the highest possible miniaturization. The mod works on two removable 18650 batteries and is capable of producing up to 200 watts of power. At the same time, the device is small and compact. Pico Dual is one of the best devices in its category.


KONE Starter Kit

The Kanger Kone box-mod is a simple device with a minimum necessary functionality for the newcomer. There is no manual power adjustment in it, and the device itself selects the optimum value based on the installed evaporator and the remaining battery reserve. The lower the charge, the less steam will form. The manufacturer did not say the maximum power in the vape starter kit (additional hints here). Standard evaporators from the set are designed for a maximum power of 50 W, so the power of the box-mode will not precisely exceed this value.


Noisy Cricket II-25

In the mode, the batteries are connected in series or parallel. Switching of serial / parallel connection of batteries is carried out by turning the card under the cover, which closes the battery compartment. In the parallel connection mode, it works like a normal mech mode. The output voltage depends on the current charge of the batteries. In this mode, voltage regulation does not operate. When you press the “Fire” button, the indicator lights up white.


Vape Pen 22

Although it is the device of the starter – kit class, in its TTX, it may well arrange a more experienced vaper. Of course, it is unlikely that someone will use it every day, but take it with them to shorts – very much even nothing. Well, newcomers have a great opportunity to vape without worrying about power, resistance and so on.


Innokin Endura T20

Innokin Endura T20 follows the philosophy of a simple and easy-to-use device and is a compact electronic cigarette, a new generation. Novelty has a built-in battery of 1500 mAh, which is enough for a full day of use without recharging. The device is equipped with a T20 Prism atomizer with a capacity of 2ml, following the latest requirements of the TPD. The kit includes a protective cap that will prevent contamination of the mouthpiece, to prevent loss, it can be attached to the bottom end of the battery.


Wismec SINUOUS P80

Wismec SINUOUS P80 has a vertical display with a diagonal of 25 mm, which displays all the necessary information: voltage, power, temperature, resistance, amperage, battery charge, mode name, number of puffs or vaping time. The button “Fire” is made in the likeness of Predator 228: it is the entire side face made of translucent plastic that covers the display. The highlight of the SINUOUS P80 was the LED indication of the “Fire” button pressing. On the two sides of the mod are LEDs. The afterglow time and the color of the LEDs can be set from the box menu. There are three colors available, green, yellow and red. The display time after the “Fire” button is set in the range of 5 to 15 seconds. In the box menu, there is the possibility of completely turning off the LED display.


Invader III

Tesla Invader III is very miniature and compact. In width, it can be compared to the Hammond box mode. The design is discrete and does not abound with decorative elements. There are three versions available: steel, blue and black. There is no display here. But there is a LED-indicator that will tell you about all sorts of processes: short-circuit, over-discharge of batteries, overheating, excess of current output and blocking with a five-tap. Also, Invader III will not allow you to tighten for longer than 10 seconds – the cutoff will work.


Eleaf Aster 75W

The new Aster 75W from Eleaf is a compact and lightweight device with all the modern functions. The Aster 75W has a large display that displays all the necessary information: resistance, voltage, power, temperature, mode name, and battery reserve. In Smart mode, the screen shows only the “low-high” scale. The display is well read in the dark and under direct sunlight. If desired, the screen can be turned off or flipped.



The presented box mode is equipped with temperature control (from nickel, titanium, and steel), as well as CCW and CCT modes. The established modes allow to carry out the control of temperature and power. Box mode works at temperatures from 140 to 315 degrees. The output power of the device is from 5 to 160 watts. At the same time, the resistance is maintained at 0.15-5 ohms. The box mod has a micro-USB input to charge the battery. In addition, the device is equipped with an excellent OLED-display. The peculiarity of this display is that it emits light itself and does not require illumination. The manufacturer has already introduced this unique technology into the new device.


Joyetech eCOM

About Joyetech eCOM: a new generation of products of the famous Joytek company. It has two modes VW, which respectively regulate the voltage and power of heating. The upper air supply in the atomizer design avoids any leakage of liquid. Besides, the new type of steam generator (Head eGO-C2) used in this design promises us high productivity and a significant amount of steam.