10+ Best WordPress Redirect Plugins

Now, more than ever, WordPress Redirect plugins is common amongst website owners, especially for those that just moved to a new site.  With these redirect plugins, it is possible to move contents safely from one site to another, thus averting the adverse effects of broken links on the website’s overall ranking. It also ensures that your visitors are notified of your migration to a new site where they can still access the usual contents, rather than being disappointed by their inability to get them. 

Below are some of the best WordPress redirect plugins capable of saving your website from issues of broken links and related problems.

1. Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

With this plugin, you can redirect your pages, posts, or custom posts to another page/post or external URL, once you set the redirect URL and type.  Other capabilities of the Quick Page WordPress Redirect Plugin include setting a redirected page or menu to open in a new window; adding no-follow links to pages or menu links for redirection; and rewriting the link to replace the current link.

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These and more make it one of the top plugins in the WordPress market.


2.    Simple 301 Redirects

This WordPress Redirect Plugin functions by simply redirecting your page to another window, tab, or any location in the web.  It is famous for its simplicity and excellent support.  It is possible to make your incoming links pass along; all you need to do is set up the 301 redirects from your old pages to the new ages, and this moves your page rankings as well, rather than erasing it.


3.  Safe Redirect Manager

Safe Redirect Manager

One of the top choices of WordPress Redirect Plugins available in the WP collection, this plugin offers a comfortable method of redirecting your pages, posts, and other places to new URLs, using its HTTP status codes.

The plugin comes with a wp_safe_redirect feature that confers excellent security on your website while handling the whitelisted hosts on your behalf.


4.    Change Permalink Helper

Change Permalink Helper

On installation, this plugin searches for permalinks automatically, and in the absence of any, it redirects you to the new URL.  In such instances, you will be notified via a header message of a permanent move to 301.


5. Redirects Manager in Yoast SEO Premium

With this WordPress Redirect Plugin, you can redirect all pages to a new location within your WordPress Install.  Its incorporation with Google Search and Console is also quite useful to site owners, and it provides automatic notification to redirect the URL of the pages and posts on your previous website when you eventually delete them.


6. SEO Redirection

The SEO Redirection plugin is capable of setting up all types of redirection for your website, and keeping track of the 404 error pages while redirecting your visitors to the new location.  It is even possible to redirect the whole folder and their contents.

In instances where you change your domain name, the plugin reflects the changes to all the integrated links.  It features an advanced control panel from where you can control all its functions, and monitor and redirect 404 error pages.


7.    Permalink

Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin is renowned for its ability to automatically 301 redirect to the permalink for that particular category, page, post, or tag page.  Thus, you can sieve out the weak add-ons on your website. 


8.    WP SEO Redirect 301

WP SEO Redirect 301 is built to remember your old URLs, and subsequently redirect your visitors to the new URL.  This prevents 404 messages in instances of changes to URLs and can help you to delete the old URLs whenever you want to.  There is an upgraded version of the plugin on which you can get a sitemap that you can upload to Bing and Google.  It also offers you the opportunity to create customized URLs right from the admin page.  And you can submit and browse for a URL via the meta box called the SEO redirect 301s, with such links taking you straight to the post you were editing.


9. WP Redirects

WP Redirects

Lightweight and straightforward, WP Redirects makes redirection quite seamless.  In addition to its amazing features, it is neatly coded to control the HTTP status code sent to a browser during redirection. 


10.    Redirection

SEO Redirection

The Redirection plugin helps you monitor your 404 errors, and manage your 301 directions of your website, and it doesn’t even require the knowledge of Apache .htaccess files.  Thus, if you are seeking to move your pages from a current site to a new site, or you are changing the directory of your WordPress installation, Redirection is right for you.  It is free, multilingual, and capable of keeping such statistics as the number of directions that has happened on your website, among others. 

Conclusively, WordPress Redirect Plugins are quite useful for all websites, especially with its ability to save the sites involved from broken links.  While all plugins discussed above offer the same basic functionality of redirection, each has unique functions and support.  You can also combine most of them with other plugins.

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