10 Best Free Email Newsletter Templates for 2019

Email production, on average, takes email marketer 24.6 hours. The lion’s share of this time is spent on the design, while copywriting takes only 3 hours.

Which is why it’s crucial for email marketers to have a bundle of free email newsletter templates that would serve as the basis for further campaigns.

Normally, such ready-to-use email templates have the structures that fit your campaign’s goals best. You will only need to customize them in accordance with your brand standards, insert necessary images and paste your URL links. And your email is ready to go!

So, here’s our compilation of email templates for various occasions to use in your campaigns:

1. Digest Email Template with Embedded Video by Stripo.email

We decided to start with this email template as it complies with the hottest design trends for 2019. This year an embedded video is a must-have for email marketing.

Hence, this email template by Stripo.email will help you keep up with the times 😉

Moreover, not only does video make emails entertaining and increase conversions, but also makes them much more informative.

What makes this email template remarkable: the embed code, by using which you hit two strikes — those recipients who use Apple gadgets will watch the video right in the email. while others when clicking the “play” button will be directed to Youtube.

2. Welcome Email Template by Chamaileon

As long as welcome email is the first email newcomers receive from you, you need to thoroughly work on it to make a good impression and introduce your product in its best. And this welcome email template by Chamaileon will be of great use here.

What makes this email template remarkable: clean design with only one accent color that is easy to change in accordance with your brand style, and well-structured layout for easier perception. This template is made for SaaS businesses but may be used for other purposes, too — especially when “little less conversation, a little more action” is your lifestyle.

3. Promo Email Template by BEE Free

We’ve just greeted our new subscribers, they verified their accounts, shared additional info and preferences (if you asked)… Now let’s proceed to promo emails. They are diverse— from simple to complex. Take a look at this simple but stylish promo email template is created by BEE Free email editor:

What makes this email template remarkable: this template has something in common with the previous one — a laconic email with no extra elements. It’s bright orange color with contrasting red and black grab the recipient’s attention. And the sandglass image builds a sense of urgency. This is what we need in promo emails.

4. Email Template with CSS animation by Stripo.email

CSS animation is the number 1 trend for 2019. In the example, Stripo animation builds the effect of falling snowflakes.

Such element will be of great use for your Christmas and New Year’s campaigns as it set the holiday spirit. And as we know, 65% of purchases are driven by emotional motives.

What makes this email template remarkable: of course, its snow effect over a background image. Unlike regular GIFs, this type of animation allows you to change the background color or even replace the background image with your own one — the template is fully editable and suits all industries. You can even remove all the product card containers and use it as an ecard to congratulate clients.

This feature works in iOS, Android Native Mail, Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird and Apple Mail. If recipients open this in Gmail, they will see the static image but it’s enough to click “View in browser” button and CSS animation will work.

5. Promo Email Template with smart elements by Stripo.email

Like we previously said, email production is time-consuming. In order to help email marketers automate many processes, Stripo.email in this template, provides its users with a unique feature — smart elements. What does it mean? This is a product container with image snippet, CTA button, description, price and any other parameter that you like. You only once configure these smart elements to build this product container, then when building a new email campaign — you’ll only need to insert the link to the product page on your site, and Stripo will automatically retrieve data from this page and insert it into the respective fields in this magic container.

What makes this email template remarkable: email production automation. This feature significantly saves time. No need to copy-paste descriptions, prices, upload dozens of product snippets and create similar CTA buttons to each item. Just configure smart elements settings — Stripo editor will do the rest.

6. Order Confirmation Email Template by GetResponse

Triggered emails are typically simple, without bright banners or colorful backgrounds. That’s why we noticed this email template by GetResponse.

What makes this email template remarkable: bright and attractive design. And also its structure. This template contains the quantity, price and snippets of the items ordered.

7. Happy Birthday Email Template by Stripo.email

By congratulating customers and clients on their birthdays, you show your care, you build stronger relationships with them. Besides, this is a gesture of being polite.

In such emails, personalization is a mandatory element.

What makes this email template remarkable: bright, merry color scheme and a coupon that is located right in the center of the template.

By the way, about Stripo pros: you can use any custom font for the banner design – everything you’ve with its banner generator is web safe as copy becomes a part of the banner image. Consequently, custom fonts will not get replaced by the default ones in email clients.

8. Travel Guide Survey by BEE Free

This is another triggered email template by BEE Free.

It’s crucial for businesses to know what clients think about the services we provide. And email marketing is the best way of collecting feedback. First of all, due to privacy — clients can do it incognito. Second of all, due to convenience — they can answer emails whenever they have the time.

What makes this email template remarkable: its black design surely does. Compelling copy encourages to take the survey. And the white noticeable CTA button clearly flatters the design.

9. Subscriber Alert Email Template by MailChimp

We all remember that mess connected with the GDPR rules in 2019. MailChimp team designed a special template that is good for other cases like legal information, password reset, planned maintenance, etc.

What makes this email template remarkable: it’s even simpler than the previous one. Only the concise data and nothing else. Yet, it looks stylish. Such a laconic design can prevent you from negative reaction by recipients and deliver the necessary information.

10. Event Invitation Email Template by Campaign Monitor

Templates above were rich with many options and features… but the closer to the end — the more minimalistic examples. Take a look at the template by Campaign Monitor.

What makes this email template remarkable: it does not have any call-to-action at all. Just an invitation, just a copy. It’s totally at the recipient’s discretion to decide what to do. Please, be advised that you can use this trick only when you know for sure that this event is long awaited and that detailed information can be easily found on your website.

Summing up…

We are used to thinking that, premium products are much more complex, with more sophisticated design and a wider set of available features. But having looked at those 10 examples we found that, in fact, free email newsletter templates are more than good.

We’ll end up with some criteria to remember when choosing an email for your needs:

  • responsive web design. All the templates in this review are mobile-friendly;
  • open HTML code to embed interactive elements — still, only some drag-and-drop email editors offer that;
  • banner generator that enables to place a copy, apply stickers and a button over the banner image;
  • easy export to the world’s top ESPs and email clients;
  • work automation, libraries of blocks and other helpful features to optimize your email template production.

So… Get inspired, use your rich imagination and send out only the best newsletters. Good luck!