Work Inspiration: Superheroes In The Workplace

It is really important to remain motivated and inspired when at work, no matter what your profession may be. If you are constantly working towards goals and have an efficient plan everyday, then you can go above and beyond your own expectations and achieve what you may have thought was unachieveable.

It is no secret that teamwork makes the dream work, and there are many work environments that need teamwork to keep a business running as efficiently as possible. Perhaps one of the biggest work environments that requires maximum efficiency is a warehouse. There are a lot of different operations and goals going on in a warehouse, which is why it is so important to ensure that the system runs as smoothly as possible. The warehouse management system specialists PeopleVox have put together this infographic which explores the idea of a superhero workforce. Some of the options might surprise you – did you ever consider Wolverine as Customer Service? How about Professor X being in charge of marketing? To be fair, Professor X would get the product into the mind of customers instantly. He would pride himself on low advertising costs and very high conversion rates. Read on to discover what job role suits each superhero.