What’s on The Top: Best 5 Vaping Gadgets

Having more and more people vaping today, we may think of how many vaping gadgets exist. Hundreds? Millions? Billions? I can assure you – a lot! Nevertheless, the thing is that in modern society it is difficult to decide what is useful and what is not. We have checked many data to find out what the best vaping gadgets are.


This device was introduced at the market in 2015 first. However, the public expressed their vivid interest in it only in 2017, which means that for two years it was in the shadow of other devices. So what are we talking about? JUUL.
JUUL is a kind of vape pen (found my best one at Vaperevs) that uses nicotine salts. This salt is one of the key ingredients of leaf-based tobacco. This device is still discussed and faced with a grain of criticism and intrust. Still, people call the JUUL “iPhone of e-cigarettes,” meaning they are safe, protected and of high quality.

This pen vaporizer contains a battery (not big) or mod that vaporizes special e-liquid or juice. The main advantages of the JUUL are portability, ease-of-use and being stylish when you vape. Also, you can charge it through a USB connection. No buttons, no screens, sometimes the pods come in different flavors. This gadget is trendy among the youth and “juuling” is coming into the vernacular.

As about 20 million units of JUUL per month are shipping out by PAX Labs, which are located in Silicon Valley. JUUL gets more popularity as celebrities use it. The example may be a comedian, Dave Chappelle, who was smoking JUUL during his televised stand-up performance; or Sosa, a rapper with plenty of video on Youtube.


Among all new vape pens, Innokin Technology emphasizes the CoolFire IV to be a novelty product which is both compact and powerful (this contain about 40W of vaping power vaporizer). The CoolFire IV can heat a full range of tank resistances each of which are made of some high-quality materials to be comfortable and safe for use.

Today high power and low resistance are becoming mainstream in a market. Here is where the Coolfire IV proposes some improvements if comparing to previous devices of the line-up. One of the drawbacks, though, is that there is not any temperature control in the Coolfire IV, so if you search a device with that you had a better look for something else. Moreover, this box has a big range of stylish designs so that you can always stay in trend. The brushed Aluminium finish on the Coolfire IV gives to this box some prestige. This top quality device also has user-friendly interface, which simplifies the usage. In general, the CoolFire IV is quite popular now because of its modern design, ergonomic battery, qualitative build-up, and high power.

The additional popularity to this ads the fact that such people as PewDiePie, the Swedish comedian who has one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, was noticed to smoke the CoolFire IV not during his video, but also on his workstation.


Vapir NO2 is a rather powerful dry herb vaporizer pen. The advantage is the existence of a digital temperature controller. You can adjust it via buttons on the side of the unit. You can find the temperature value (either Fahrenheit or Celsius) on a LED screen. On the market, you will hardly find something alike. This is not only powerful in the meaning of power but also its design. The fact that it is far larger than its competitors are, both draws your attention to it and scares you away. It takes about eight inches in height so be ready to carry it in a bag or a backpack. Thought it is space occupying, it is not heavy. It consists of many elements, but all of them are lightweight.

The other advantage is a useful complement. You do not have to buy some additional components like in many simple vaporizer pens. The kit includes one battery, one power cord, one X-Tip, one cleaning brush, one tube attachment, two bamboo cleaning sticks, one loading spoon, and six mesh screens (with two installed) and the Portable Vaporizer itself. The battery allows you to vape for up to six hours. You can see the benefits of this vape pen and observe the examples of using it among famous people, e.g., Willie Nelson, who is a well-known marijuana enthusiast, was pictured with Vapir NO2.


Atomizer Stand KIZOKU Cell is highly desirable because not only because it is vape of high quality. It has a very playful and pleasant design. You can organize atomizers with the help of magnets at each side any way you or want. The coolest thing about this is that you can separate the cubes or combine with others any time you wish. This is a complete novelty in style! Using this vape stand, you can avoid accidents with your vape gears, and all your atomizers will be properly organized.

The other benefit of Atomizer Stand KIZOKU Cell is that it is super portable. You can transport these small cubes in your purse or pocket. Some inventive users also carried these stands in their boot-tops, belts or bras. I think that some modern fashion designer may use the assembled Atomizer Stand KIZOKU Cells as a part of his collection in the role of the belt or other accessories.


KandyPens Prism + is a pen vaporizer that was produced solely for concentrates. Because of being super stylish, it established itself as a leading choice at the online market of new vape pens. The formula for being a success is cutting-edge technology plus colorful accents. 

Though it has all-stainless steel construction, it is easy to transport everywhere because of its comparatively tiny size. There are five temperature settings and 900mAh internal battery, which allows enjoying vaping for an extended period without charging. The walls of the heating chamber are ceramic which provides you with a smooth process of heating.

To sum up, plenty of choices on the market may turn your head with the opportunities and specific proposals. Look for the most convenient vaping gadget and you, for sure, will find the one that fits you best!