Top 5 CRM for Gmail Integration

In 2016 Gmail service collected 1 billion users. Since then Gmail continues increasing its audience. This mailing service is so popular that even Microsoft corporation had to open for Google users some opportunities that were previously available only in in the Windows 10 email client. Quite a reasonable move taking into account that Gmail is completely free and has the world’s best spam protection and additional features for automation and easy correspondence. However, several extremely important functions are not available to ordinary users. Exactly without these functions, it would be hard to use Gmail comfortably for enterprise activity. This is especially notable for those who got used working with clients through the Gmail web interface. For example, a notification about letter reading is available only in a corporate account. Nowadays people got used to messengers and sending messages without the capability to check if they have been read is extremely inconvenient. This thing is a “must have” necessity.

What is CRM with Gmail Integration

CRM systems for Gmail were designed to cover all shortcomings of the free Gmail version. Most of the Gmail-based CRM are easy-integrable and allow corresponding with customers directly from CRM. Incoming letters you receive are easily-transformed into contact, applications or transactions. Such functionality allows processing incoming requests with the highest tempo possible. Furthermore, sending emails to clients from different manager accounts also becomes available with special Gmail CRM software or thanks to some Gmail CRM extension available to install in Google Chrome browser.

When your Need CRM for Gmail

CRM integration with Gmail might come in handy in cases when managing the entire client lifecycle in one place (software) is necessary for business development. It brings automatic filling of contact forms with information taken from mailing with customers. Databases creation for further implementation in business campaigns, business plans, targeted automated advertising and many more.

Some Important CRM Features

  • A list of tasks tracked built-in inside the Gmail integrated CRM is capable to keep managers always keep their eyes over important projects;
  • The custom sales stage separation seriously helps to qualify the company’s leads;
  • Another powerful feature of Gmail CRM system is the functionality of turning emails into new leads, tasks, support cases, projects inside Gmail itself;
  • Team members chats and correspondence.

Best 5 CRM Software for Gmail Integration in 2019

  • NetHunt – fully integrated allowing to group records into folders and display them in custom views. Gives feature of following-up color-coded dates and reminders for the better tracking of the most important deals and campaigns. The free version provides access for the workspace for 2 users at the same time giving space for collaboration testing. Professional version ($24/user) supports an unlimited number of users, Enterprise ($48/user) and stunning 250,000 records and customer success manager which makes this CRM one of the most user-friendly.
  • Streak CRM – fully integrated standalone software providing almost all the most important functionality without signing up and configuring new applications. The software is equipped with super-fast snippet system allowing to add a snippet by typing “#’’ together with the keyword. Has Personal (free), Professional ($49/user), and Enterprise ($99/user) versions of the software.
  • Zoho CRM – gives the possibility of creating new leads and contacts as well as create deals and attach for each some contact information. Has a free version, which supports 3 users management. Its Standard version goes with $18/user, and the Professional one created for large enterprises with $40/user.
  • Propeller – CRM plugin for Gmail working with which feels like it is an integral part of the Gmail. Access to Propeller’s web app is needed to see al the profile information. Has One Plan payment – $35/user monthly or $29/user/month under annual subscription.
  • Insightly – professional level CRM for Gmail with four versions for different business scales. Its free business plan for 2 users makes it small-business-friendly CRM. Plus plan – $29/user, Professional – $ 49/user, Enterprise – $99/user

CRM integration for Gmail created a broad spectrum of functions working for business improvement which brings comfortable conditions both for businessmen and for customers. Among the listed top 5 CRM leaders, NetHunt presents the most affordable conditions for their services users. Hence, making them more willing to try to strengthen their business with NetHunt CRM for Google Mail. Creating customers databases and taking in to account all their wishes is no more a fairytale.