Top 4 Things You Need To Pay Attention to While Choosing a Shopify theme

While going through some literary works, I was reading this that looks don’t matter as much as the heart? Well, things in the marketing world do not really go along well with this idea. In the online market, looks count as much as the matter within.

Let’s take this real-life situation where a customer happens to visit a supermarket in order to buy a pack of millet cereal. Instinctively speaking, what pulls you at first? Isn’t it the catchy packaging that incites you to pull that carton out of the rack to have a closer look?

Similarly, when you are at a book stand, you are most likely to pull a mag that outright attracts you with its visual appeal. The focus onto the inside-content comes into the picture much later!

Things aren’t any different with an online store too. When a prospect happens to visit your website, your template and designing are either going to keep him/her interested, giving a gentle nudge towards the checkout page, or these will prompt the customer to simply click the cross and move over.

Needless to say how critical it is to choose an attractive and relevant Shopify template for your business’s roaring success.

Font size, loading timeline, appropriate colour combination and easy navigation- All these are significant elements that need proper research before the final implementation.

Through this post, we’ll help you understand the top 4 things that you need to pay attention to while choosing an appropriate template. So let’s get started.

1. Relevance: The template that you are going to shortlist needs to synchronise well with the theme of your website.

Say, for example, you intend to open an online shop dedicated to the baby product line. For such a niche, if you go with a dark and gloomy theme, won’t that be too off your subject matter? Take the design scheme of the website, They have identified that the target market for their products are adult males and have researched on their online buying habits. The color scheme of the site is very masculine, has simple design lines, and very straightforward menus — which generally matches the buying and browsing tendencies and preferences of their target market.

In order to gain maximum traction, playing well within the boundaries of relevance is very critical from the business point of view.

2. Mobile-friendly: Another important aspect that would require your close attention is the adaptability! The chosen template should work fine under cross-browser supports and varied devices, seamlessly.

Your target audience can be spread out across different geographies, accessing your business via different browsers and devices. Any compatibility issues are bound to boomerang and hit your online venture hard.

Carry out the necessary recce on the theme adaptability part beforehand, before getting started with.

3. Contemporary Looks: Major buying segment in the online retail shops comprises of the younger lot. Hence, it becomes important to choose the themes accordingly.

A modish and contemporary looking website is more likely to keep the majority of your audience enticed and engaged. For example: If you own a fashion store, go for bold and trendy themes to gain more traction.

4. Intuitive Interface: The Shopify theme you select should be navigable enough and visually guide you through the same. Make sure you all the important links can be included. The template should be organised in an intuitive and clear way. Moreover, the template chosen should enable one to figure out the key action buttons easily.

In order to gain the maximum benefit out of this great post, ensure to consider all the discussed elements, while choosing your perfect website template.



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