Star Wars Home Theater

There are home theaters, and then there is the home theater to rule the galaxy. This Star Wars-themed home theater is downright mind blowing, and yes it’s really in someone’s house.

Of course when you’re going to deck your theater out in Star Wars gear, you can’t just hire any schmuck off the streets to design the place – you’ve gotta hire the best of the best. That’s exactly why the owner of this high-budget build recruited the talents of Doug Chiang for the blueprints, the same Doug Chiang who was the lead designer from the first two Star Wars prequels. The blueprints (which can be seen below) were then handed off to the Washington-based crew at Dillon Works for the custom fabrication work needed to bring this thing to life. As if the room wasn’t awesome enough in itself, there’s also a lobby leading into the theater, complete with a raised floor to mimic the gangplanks in the Death Star. Mirrors running along the floors and ceilings create the illusion that the hallways go on forever, and the automatic pocket doors that lead into the theater room are the ultimate finishing touch. [Via]

Star-Wars-Home-Theater-4 Star-Wars-Home-Theater-5 Star-Wars-Home-Theater-3 Star-Wars-Home-Theater-2