Real Estate Shortcuts: 3 Keys To Beating Competition in 2019

Real estate is a cut throat business, and as the years pass it’s only going to get more difficult. Read this guide to find out how to stay ahead of the curve.

Real estate is unlike anything else in the world. It’s a business that directly deals with land the same way that generals used to deal with war. It’s about beating out the competition for deals of a lifetime and sometimes getting beaten.

In this guide, we are going to go over a few keys to success for being a real estate agent in 2019.

For real estate agents, having everything you need is sometimes not enough.  With it easier than ever for real estate agents to put listings up, it’s also easier for owners to be able to sell it themselves without having to deal with missing out on a cut.

There are a number of startups dedicated to cutting out the middleman and letting buyers and sellers get together on the platform and get the most money possible.  The irony, is that the sites themselves also get a commission, just a smaller one than an agent would take.

It’s become the machines vs. humans when it comes to being a real estate agent. The irony again, is that even the best real estate agents have to rely on technology to make the best sales.

  1. Have A Custom Website + Digital Presence
  2. Network via Social Media But Don’t Pester
  3. Know Your Competition

The three tips above are the keys to success in 2019 and beyond.  There are still an abundance of real estate agents using wix or a myriad of other free sites to host a complicated domain and shoddily put together website to filter their leads.

For anyone under the age of 60, it screams that you haven’t invested in your business, so why should they trust you with their listings.  Dedicate time to crafting a digital web presence and that includes a custom real estate website design suited to your local market.

Next, use your social media to network. Collect phone numbers, email addresses, setup meetups and groups oriented towards general hobbies as well as business.  The one thing you should not do is pester everyone on your friends list by spamming them about real estate 24/7. It screams of desperation and is sure to turn off a few friends and make them click the unfriend button.

Use technology to research your competition. You can use tools like what runs where to see where some of your competition is running their ads and what their ads are. If someone is spending money on an ad it means it must be in some way working and they are either banking from it or just tweaking it.

Use the resources at your disposal to learn what you can and then apply it to yourself. Doing so will set you far past the rest and will let you make the most out of your time and energy.