Infographic: The Future of Work

Robotic process automation in the workplace

A recent trend in the economy is robotic process automation (RPA). It has the potential to change and disrupt many industries which is why many people are afraid of it. What is actually going on and how will RPA effect you in your jobs? We will explain in this article.

Robotic process automation is the usage of technology to carry out repetitive tasks in an automated way. Often times RPA is a software that will be set up to analyse existing processes to then develop and conduct the same processes fully automated.

RPA improves the efficiency of job tasks and can be a huge productivity improvement and cost saving opportunity for businesses. Remember that in business there are only two basic ways to improve the operating profit of an organization, either by an increase in revenue or a reduction in cost. Productivity improvements and time savings equal cost reduction and this is why robotics can be really valuable for a business perspective. Furthermore, they can help companies to leverage profit opportunities in saturated or declining markets. Thoughtonomy is one leading provider of robotic process automation and they offer exactly these services.

From the perspective of an employee this does not sound like good news on the first hand. But employees should not be scared because automation trends might change the culture of industries, however they will unlikely be a massive job killer because with change new opportunities will arise. This has been the same in any societal trend like the industrial revolution. Furthermore, humans have strengths that no robot can ever obtain. This includes creativity, common sense and humour.

The following infographic on the future of work will present trends in robotic process automation and how it will affect and change the workplace. No one really know what is going to happen and predictions sometimes vary a lot from one another. One thing can be sure however. Robotic process automation and technology has the potential to influence the society unlike any other trend. The future will show in which way this will actually take place.