Indo-western fashion- why do people love the Indian-western fusion?

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Currently, the Indian-western fusion is the trendiest in the Indian fashion world. People are appreciating and embracing the different styles and designs in their traditional wear. It is stylish and easy to wear for different occasion not to mention the comfort that comes with this trend

This is why more people are adopting the indo-western fusion

The theme can fit into many categories

The indo-western look is easy to achieve. You can change your entire look with jewellery, clothes, footwear and other accessories to achieve an indo-western look. Indo- western clothes have the western style fused in the design, or you can simply match Indian ethnic clothing with a western clothing to give you the look. Designers love the Indian and western fusion and make what is the current trending attire in India. You may not be able to wear western clothing to a cultural setting, but you can wear western-infused ethnic attire and nobody will be offended.

Here are some examples of the themes that fit into the Indian-western category

For work, you can wear an ethnic kurti with a khaki or cigarette pants. The pants are western and formal and give off a classy look for the work place. For men, you can combine kurta with jeans for a casual look you can wear when meeting up with friends of going for a lunch date.

It is a trendy style

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The indo-western fusion has caught up with fashion trends all across India. Some of the styles that are trending are indo western. People are starting to understand and appreciate the style. It is more common among children and the youth, but you can find a few baby boomers rocking this style. We have seen the indo-western fusion almost everywhere, at workplace, school and even in the festive and cultural ceremonies.

Currently, most designers like to add a little western touch to the ethnic look. Nowadays, runways are fun because you never know which trend to expect from a designer. The indo-western fusion is so trendy that it is starting to catch up in the western world. You can dress to be elegant, sophisticated or just chill depending on the occasion.

Here are some examples of the trendiest indo-western looks

Instead of choli, women are wearing crop-tops with their skirts and dresses. Crop tops go well with lehenga or the salwar kameez look. Men have adopted wearing t-shirts with pyjama pants as a casual trend. They throw on a sherwani jacket to give the ensemble a chic look

Provides more comfort

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For some, the Indian western fusion is comfortable and easier to style. The Indian look is hard to style especially in formal places like work. You may end up looking too festive for work and draw all the attention.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than a beautiful sari and a Kurti I could style in different ways, but this look may not work for everyday normal activity. Imagine you are a female working in the field as a photographer; advertiser or even a driver, among other jobs, styling ethnic wear would take long and feel uncomfortable the entire time, especially if you have to walk for long distances.

Western wear is very flexible and when infused with Indian style, can be worn to places where ethnic wear may be a little challenging to pull off.

Here are some Indian-western outfits that are comfortable to wear

For a comfortable look you can style a kurti with jeans and a pair of comfortable converse. Shop for the latest kurti designs from Stylecaret , they have a variety of styles which can be combined with different western clothes for a comfortable look. You can wear their trail cut and tulip shaped kurti with a nice pair of jeans, this style will keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather.

Shows your stylish and creative side

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The indo-western fusion has given Indian the chance to be creative and show how Indian attire can be worn in many styles. Designers have come up with many combined styles that look attractive, elegant, chic, and casual.

People are looking forward to catwalks because you never know which new indo-western attire the designers will surprise you with. Most fusions become fashion trends in India almost immediately. It’s not that Indian attire are not attractive, it is just that that we have been wearing the same designs for a while. Try switching and styling up you ethnic outfit once in a while to create a more modern style

Have a look at some of the western styles that are infused

Shoulder cuts have been adopted and incorporated into different ethnic tops. Indian women are wearing choli with one shoulders, shoulder key holes, and off shoulder trends. Fun sleeves with ruffles, flares, fringes and puffs are beautiful on ethnic tops. One of my favourite ensembles is jeans with a flared-sleeve kurti.

It’s different

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As I mentioned, wearing the same look for centuries can be tiring. It decays our fashion industry and overall does not give designers the will to be fierce with their creations. We all need a little change in our closet now and then. A look can determine your personality but if we all look the same then there is no way of telling people apart

Here are some few examples of indo-western ensemble that are different from the normal ethnic wear.

Unlike the normal traditional straight-cut kurti styles, designers have made flared, tulip and a-line kurtis that can be worn to the office, school and during a casual outing. Instead of kurta and sherwani jackets, men are wearing leather jackets and western coats to work and casual events.

Influenced by western culture and peer pressure

The main reason for the look is the influence by the western culture. Western culture is one of the most influential in the world and it promotes the idea of advanced civilisation. The western fashion is modern, trendy and conveys a different expression to that of Indian attire.

Some people are curious to try something new they see in their peers. I would advise you not to go overboard with the style, try something that fits into your personality and make sure you are respectful no matter what you put on.

The acceptable western styles include; jeans t-shirts, leather jackets and long gowns. Do not wear shorts, mini-skirts and over-revealing tops because they go against the Indian culture and traditions.


Sticking to one fashion style can be boring and dull. Style up your closet and show your creative side by mixing up your ethnic outfits with some western designs. If you want to make fashion statements, don’t be afraid to look different.

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