How to turn Live Photos into Gifs in iOS

When they released the iPhone 6s, Apple decided to introduce Live Photos and it was a really cool feature. Three years later they are still around but not that much popular.

Now you can even turn Live Photos into animated gifs and even create your own cinemagraphs. It is a great idea but most of us don’t even know that functionality. Here’s how to transform live photos into animated gifs:

1. Open Photos app and select Live Photos Album

2. Choose the picture you want to turn into an animated gif

3. Swipe to the bottom of the photo to get 4 gif animation options: Loop, Bounce, Live, Long Exposure

4. Once you’ve found your preferred effect the photo will appear in a new album called “Animated”.

Now your Live Photo is a GIF you can use or send by mail or social media!

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