CCTV System and How It Improves the Worth of Your Home 

Whether you are planning to buy a new home or sell it, putting the security system into consideration is very crucial. In a case where you are the one selling a home, making improvements in the security system greatly increases the value of your home and fetches you a handsome price. Recent studies show that almost 30 percent of households have security systems that are in good conditions and the percentage is expected to rise as more home buyers and sellers are realising the value of great CCTV systems.

Houses that have working CCTV systems are priced at a higher amount than those without. Having a complete and functioning CCTV system improves the security of your home immensely as well as promoting the value of your home. Most people prefer wired CCTV systems to wireless ones because the wired systems are a more permanent feature of any household. Wireless CCTV also serves the purpose but have a lesser value than the wired ones.

A high-class CCTV system depicts that the owner of the home has invested both financially and time-wise in ensuring the house has a high value. It means that the house has a very high amount attached to it and prospective buyers buy without many bargains.

Advantages of using a CCTV System in your home

Reduced insurance premiums

If your home has a wired CCTV system and you intend to sell it, it comes in handy as you can convince the potential buyers of the safety of the home, and the great discounts they will get from the insurance policy. Insurance firms value home security systems, and most of them give utmost 20 percent discount off your monthly payments if your home has security systems.

It is essential to get in touch with your insurance provider to get information on the number of discounts you would get from having a CCTV system in your home. The money saved from these discounts could be channelled to other avenues that need your financial attention.

Fetches you more money from sales

Prospectus buyers do not give much thought to the price of a home when making a purchasing decision provided their safety and security is guaranteed. A home with a monitored CCTV system sells very fast and fetches the buyer his intended price or a little less than that but still within his or her profit margin.

Demonstrating how the CCTV system works, how the cameras capture motions and sounds, how to read the recorded happenings and how to set the cameras back again after recording the needed clips will encourage many potential buyers to buy as they feel a sense of security and safety. Buyers will have no hesitations in paying for the asking price.

It is also to the advantage of the seller if the CCTV system is well fixed and operating efficiently as the buyer will not have to carry out any upgrades and advancements after the purchase. When everything is working correctly, the buyer will not have any reason to ask for a significant discount hence the seller will pocket a lump sum amount of money.

The homeowner gains peace of mind

Owning a home with effective CCTV system adds significant value to your day to day life. You will always feel satisfied and at peace knowing that whether you are around your home or away it is being watched. Other security systems allow you to monitor the happenings in your home regardless of your location provided you have a device that can access the web.

Reduced incidences of theft

Recent research shows that most robbers will never attempt to enter a home that has visible CCTV cameras and mostly those that are checked directly by a security firm. It is advisable to place your CCTV surveillance in a place where it will be visible and also perform adequately. On the other hand, avoid putting the cameras facing any property that is not yours or the public pavements and areas to adhere to the Data Protection Act. Otherwise, you will be required to provide footages from time to time. You could also be going against the law by observing public property. Just concentrate on what is yours only.


Generally, it is safe to say that CCTV systems significantly improve the value of your home whether in financial terms or day to day living. A home that that has an excellent CCTV system does not need the future buyer to do any new installation, and this adds an appeal for that home. A good security system indeed increases the value of a property regardless of its location. Go ahead and get your home a CCTV system and experience the improvement in the value of your home!


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